Tax Refund – Yay! From Where?

I wonder who has been doing our taxes in New Zealand? Six years ago we visited, but we only spent money. We didn’t earn any.

I've received this email several times in my regular email account.

I’ve received this email several times in my regular email account.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to think this was true? However, I know if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.

I am amazed at the ingenuity some people have to try to scam honest, hard-working people out of the few dollars we have earned. Just think of all they might accomplish if only they put forth the same effort to legal endeavors?

I’m thankful that the spam folder catches most of these emails, but why should we have to have a spam folder? Just play by the rules of society and we will all get along.


20 thoughts on “Tax Refund – Yay! From Where?

  1. Wow, even their logo looks very professional! It’s amazing the lengths people go to in order to scam you out of your money– I would even go as far to say that it’s impressive. (Very, very annoying/illegal/immoral, but impressive nonetheless)

  2. Wouldn’t it be lovely if it was true? Kudos to you for recognizing it as a scam. I would have been naive and blindly believed I was due money. Of course, I have never been accused of being in prison in Spain either. 🙂

  3. The internet has it all- the good, the bad and the ugly. We must be vigilant at all times Elsie. New Zealand? usually these scams originate from Nigeria. It must be spreading…

  4. Phillip van someren says:

    Still, with the world currency fluctuations, maybe that big number in New Zealand dollars is only $11.50 in u.s. dollars.

  5. Lynn says:

    Oh boy I hear you Elsie! It’s amazing how many people do get scammed though. Wouldn’t it have been nice though 🙂

  6. I so agree with Elsie. I get so angered at these people who will do anything to obtain money in illegal ways. We’ve been hit twice by people who cheated to get money – from us, who work and pay taxes and who try to live honourable lives. To too many people amassing big bucks is the be all and end of it. Enough! (sorry – went on a bit of a rant but your post got me fired up! lol)

  7. I was almost scammed recently by a phone rep from “Microsoft” claiming my computer had a virus and I needed to get on it immediately which I did. After taking me through lots of commands, the computer ended up not cooperating because it’s so old and so slow. Thank goodness,,,because I really believed him up until then, even though my husband has warned me a million times not to!
    Hawks, tornadoes, email scams….Yikes! Sounds like a dangerous place to live. Where are you?

  8. Yes, if people would only put as much effort into doing good as they do into concocting elaborate scams just think of all the great accomplishments that could be made.

  9. I’m so glad that you had your head on your shoulders when this came to you. As my school moves forward with 1:1 ipads, I am always so conscience of who will see my students’ work and things I need to teach them about digital citizenship.

  10. Ugh… I had something similar happen on FB the other day. A friend was IMing me about a lottery where she won $50,000.00 and saw my name on the list too. I was suspicious because it just didn’t sound like Patti. It wasn’t but scary.

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