Is Someone Watching?

Perched on the couch, computer resting on my lap, I am busily surfing the extensive list of those who are writing for Slice of Life. I read, I comment, I repeat. Hours drift away during the day and evening as I become entangled in the pieces of life shared.

Suddenly my computer alerts me that there is no connection. What? Irritation rises quickly. I’ve been having some issues with my network adapter (what ever that is). At times I have been informed that the default gateway is not available (what are you talking about?).

When an internet interruption occurs, my eyes immediately glance at the internet button on the top row to see if it is white or red. If it is red, I click on Open Network and Sharing Center. Usually a couple of clicks and the gateway is reset, the button is glowing a bright white light and I am breathing a little easier. I don’t know what I did or what the problem is, but it is all good for now.

Today, I gasp a bit when I see the list of networks available.


OMG! What!? In my neighborhood? My first instinct is to jump in the car, cruise through the streets, searching for a van sitting alongside the road, knock on the van door, and question the reason they are here. But then I take a deep breath, look outside at the snow, and return to my previous perch. My computer is connecting once again. However,Β I am keeping my eye out for vans in the neighborhood.


28 thoughts on “Is Someone Watching?

  1. An FBI surveillance van??? What the heck????? If they really were watching someone, wouldn’t you think they would not want to show up as an available network. At any rate, I’m sure Big Brother is watching you now!

  2. lol! I hate when we lose connection – usually on the ipad. Then I have to run downstairs, unplug the thing (What is it called??), wait 30 sec,then plug it in again and run back upstairs. Vans on the street? Not checking for them – maybe I should!

  3. What? You just caused me to look for the connections! I have one named “Bullish”, & wonder what neighbor that is, but no FBI. I guess you really will start noticing the cars/vans parked along the side of the road… Please do a follow up!

  4. That is so funny! I wonder who thought of doing that? Much more creative than ours…come to think of it…I don’t even know what ours is…probably just numbers. (I am still looking forward to my grilled cheese next week.)

  5. Tam says:

    Strange indeed. Things happen without our permission sometimes on our home computer. What is that? Keep looking. Hopefully, you find the van, take a picture, interview them, and send us your results! It’s all in a day’s walk! Waiting……………

  6. This definitely would have freaked me out. After seeing Glenda Funk’s comment, however, I would definitely have to agree. I’m actually very impressed. Normally the “funny” wifi names people come up with are insanely inappropriate– this one is quite clever.

  7. On the one hand, we should all be concerned about our privacy and protecting it; on the other hand, I doubt the FBI would tag its van. Someone has a great sense of humor w/ a poignant message!

  8. OH MY that was one scary finding! I am, however, very surprised that the FBI isn’t smart enough to use a disguise….well maybe not surprised by that….sigh

  9. What a story! Honestly, I took the name at face value as I read but when I read Michelle’s comment it occurred to me that she has to be right. I’m certain the FBI would not only use a better name for their connection but would also probably not even show up in your list! πŸ™‚ I think there’s definitely an interesting story that could come out of that search for the van though!

  10. This is funny! However, I must admit I got caught on “default gateway not being open,” which made me think of the ways in my life that my default gateways aren’t open, and I need to find other paths….

  11. Like you, I would have wanted to go out and look for said van. πŸ™‚ Technology can be endlessly frustrating. Last year wordpress identified me as spam and I was unable to comment for a day or two. It was pure frustrating torture. I feel your pain.

  12. Don’t you just love technology? I sometimes wonder about network names when they pop up on my screen. This usually happens when our neighbor’s daughter is home. I always feel that my name is so unimaginative. Next week we are changing internet providers. I can’t wait to see how messed up things will be.

  13. It did not occur to me until I read Michelle’s comment that someone might have re-named their internet connection just to be funny. I, like, you took it at face value. But then it does pose an interesting question. Would an FBI Surveillance Van disclose itself? Hum…at any rate you made me laugh and think and look out for parked vans!

  14. Judy C. says:

    I’m more aware of this when traveling and signing on to a “non-secure” network. There are always so many lurking behind the scenes. Scary. It does cause one to wonder who’s watching us.

  15. Terje says:

    Your first sentence is like out of my life, but then it takes an interesting turn. FBI Surveillance Van? I am glad you didn’t venture out. Who knows how that story would have ended.

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