Who Are You?

Sitting at my desk, I have a view of our street. I casually keep tabs on the neighbors as they come and go. Occasionally a stranger comes up our cul de sac street. I wonder, who are you and why are you here?

So, one day I am in my usual position when a car scoots up the road, but there is a problem right in front of our house. The road is coated with a layer of sleet and snow, plus there is a slight incline as one gets to the end of the cul de sac. That incline was too much for this car.

The back tires spun rapidly but went no where. The driver backed up a few feet. Tried the approach again. Same result. Now the driver, (a young girl wearing tennis shoes with no socks), gets out and examines the snow situation in front of her tires. No, the snow is not deep enough to stop her, so she gets back in the car to repeat her previous actions. Would you be surprised to learn that the car still did not move?

Now she has a brilliant idea of taking the floor mats out and placing them in front of the front tires. The back tires continue to spin, she moves forward an inch. Time to reassess. She hops out once again and this time puts the floor mats in front of the back tires. Once she is back in the car, she steps on the gas. There is a slight moment of hesitation, then the tires grab onto the mats and she moves forward.

She pulls into my driveway, backs out to head back down the street. She stops to collect her floor mats (which are covered in snow by now), and scoots down the street to disappear from my view.

So I am left wondering . . .

  • Why did you come up our street?
  • Where were you going?
  • Why didn’t you just back down the street?
  • Who are you?

I suppose these are questions that will never have answers.


22 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. Mysterious, action-filled, and then ditched? I would have been like what the heck too? This is a good be-inspired slice because it does describe a piece of time so all-encompassingly. Even the mundane and weird stuff can leave a writer wondering and to wonder is a very good thing. Well done, Elsie! Good share. Hope it does inspire some posts that I’m just now catching up on! I kind of like seeing the trickle-down effect of that.

  2. Elsie, your craft of questions and varied sentences weave a tale that has us pondering, just like you. It also gives me a nudge to watch others and see if I can write a slice from observation.

  3. Elsie-
    I can just picture this sweet young thing in the car with her dad a few years ago learning to drive. He probably told her if she got stuck to put something under the wheels for traction. And being the problem solving young woman she was, she figured out exactly what to do, even if it meant she had to get out of the car several times, with no socks (our middle school kiddos don’t wear socks either, or hats, or gloves, and they think a hoodie sweatshirt is a coat). And so it didn’t quite work, but hey, at least she tried something. And now we are all wondering where exactly she was trying to get to???? Must not have been a boy at the top of the hill because she would have just left the car and walked! Too funny!

  4. Loved reading this post and all the clever responses. Young people and their cavalier attitudes about clothing – I used to just tell my kids: “Take a jacket and put it on the back seat. It will make me feel better.”

  5. Jaana says:

    I now have an idea what to do if my car gets stuck: use the floor mats!!!! I am wondering who had taught her that? Love the observations that can take place without ever leaving our house.

  6. After pondering the answers to your questions, I thought was that she has a growth mindset. She worked it out with floormats and no socks. (NO SOCKS??!?!?!)

    I love this observation piece, Elsie. Would you be willing to let me share it as one of the BE INSPIRED pieces during the March Challenge? Please shoot me an email by Thursday and lmk if that’d be okay.


  7. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    I’m kinda impressed that she didn’t just hop on the phone and cry for help … and thought about using the floor mats! Isn’t it fun to sit back and observe (from the warm inside) and wonder out loud? I agree with the others … you may be able to use this next month! Write your own adventure story!

  8. Tam says:

    Thinking, but not? I would have never thought of the floor mats but backing up would be my first thought. Like your last line. I think she drove down your cul de sac to change directions. Yes, young people don’t dress for the weather. Can’t wait for your nature bike rides/walks.

  9. Humm…what are those answers? It is a little hard to just get accidentally lost on your street, isn’t it? If she was up to no good the street and snow foiled her plans! Tennis shoes and no socks, a young girl indeed. I love your observations and tales.

  10. I love it when questions lead to slices. This post may come in handy next month! We live on a dead end so when people come down to our house, I question their “motives.”

  11. I love your slices! It’s like I’m beside you looking out and wondering. As I read I felt a bit of panic for her. What if she couldn’t figure it out? Would she have come up to your door? I feel like you need a Sherlock Holmes to figure out who is she is. The tennis shoes without socks are a huge clue!

  12. I wonder if she’ll tell someone, who will then remind her about backing up? I imagine too that you were thinking you might soon have a visitor? Glad it worked out for this young woman!

  13. And more questions for her…

    What gave you the idea to use the floor mats?
    What would you have done next if this hadn’t worked?
    Where are your socks? Where are your boots?
    What did you learn today?

    Love your post. It was a fun observation!

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