A Most Magnificent Friend

Sometimes you doubt yourself. Sometimes you just need a little confirmation that you are on the right track. Sometimes you think too long inside your head and you wonder, “Does this make sense? Is this information useful?”

I was there, doubting, wondering, needing confirmation. S.O.S in the form of a text went out to my friend: “I could use some feedback on my presentation. Could we meet soon?” Thankfully she was able to make time to meet the next day at a Panera Bread after school.

We talked through the presentation, tweaked a few slides, discussed the handout. She approved. My thinking was confirmed and a sigh of relief settled over me.

On the way out, she casually asked if I had the book, The Most Magnificent Thing. I reminded her I had not yet had a chance to see it, but wanted to find it. She reached into her car and handed me the book. “This is for you, because you are always there to help me when I call.”

What a magnificent friend she is! That’s what friends do, they are there for support in the good times and tough times. They can also surprise you with a most magnificent book. Thank you my most magnificent friend!

magnif thing

19 thoughts on “A Most Magnificent Friend

  1. Ah yes, I have a few great friends. I need them and good thing I keep enlarging my group. So good to hear that you have one too but I bet you have more than one. Am I right?

  2. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    Everyone has to have the most magnificent friend, like you! What a great slice about friendship — and a book gift?!? The perfect ending! Your presentation will be superb!! And now you have a read aloud to share too! Great connection between your presentation and the book — never give up!!

  3. Awesome gift from a friend! Clearly, your relationship is mutually giving – I love her “casual” pulling out of the book, with the beautiful words ““This is for you, because you are always there to help me when I call.” MIght be a new gift trend – magnificent friends receiving The Most Magnificent Thing! Love it!!

  4. I love that she made time to give you feedback and listen while you talked through your presentation. Meeting at Paneera Bread – that’s a cozy spot to meet. What a treat to be handed this wonderful book with her thanks for your support of her. That’s what friends do for each other.

  5. Joyce says:

    Let’s hear it for good friends!!!! I loved reflecting on the many times I have heard how “LC had the perfect book for”…….fill in the blanks…..lesson.

  6. I have heard so many wonderful things about this book – and to think she had it with her. Coincidence? I think not. She knows what a magnificent thing she has in you! Good luck on your presentation!

  7. What a great slice. It is always good to get confirmation on an upcoming presentation. M ore important, though, is having a magnificent friend who is there when you need them most.

  8. What a magnificent friend indeed. This looks like a great book and I loved your story. A great friend supports us in our time of need, but is honest and loving.

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