Slice of Light

Morning begins dark,
Daily routines need no thinking.
Steaming coffee near
Newspaper waiting for a reader
Suddenly, without warning . . .
A glimmer appears
Slowly the light spreads186
Color chases away the dark.


Our sky is blazing with




Too quickly, the brilliance fades
Followed by a gray sky.
A slice of light,
Captured today.


20 thoughts on “Slice of Light

  1. These pictures are truly awe inspiring. For as beautiful as they appear, I’m sure the pictures don’t do justice to actually seeing the actual sunrise and sunset. This shows that there is beauty all around us. We just have to hit the pause button in our lives and enjoy.

  2. Thanks for the beautiful reflective moments. The skies are colorful this time of year. I’m watching the light stay longer at night. A true glimmer of hope.

  3. Stacey used the word that was on my mind as I was scrolling down to comment. Gorgeous! The words, the photos…just gorgeous! A slice of light like this is so uplifting, even (or especially) when the day turns gray.

  4. Judy C. says:

    Beautiful pictures and words. The sunrises have been absolutely beautiful this winter. Thanks for sharing them from your view. Seeing that big orange ball coming over the lake is just the perfect way to start my mornings.

  5. What beauty you captured with your pictures and your artistic color word choices! It reminds me of the wonder that exists in our daily routines! You have modeled the joy that noticing brings.

  6. LeAnn, absolutely beautiful! We’re lucky that you were up with time to spare to capture the moments when “… color chases away the dark…” Love the color words you used to describe what your eye was seeing.

  7. These. are. gorgeous.
    I need to get up earlier. I’m sure sunrises like this exist around here. I’m just never awake to see them! (Scratch that. I am awake. I’m just busy stretching, parenting, eating, or showering!)

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