A Tale of Two Boxes

Treats packaged, presents wrapped, boxes filled with the tastes of Christmas and gifts for under the tree. One box was reused from an Amazon order, the other was a paper box from my office. Covered in paper, tape at every seam, addressed and ready to go. Both boxes delivered to the grocery store that has a postal service counter. The young man behind the counter tells me it will be about a week before my boxes arrive on the west coast. There’s plenty of time, I think. Little did I know where my boxes would go, but I would follow their path with my tracking numbers.

Thursday, I wondered where the boxes were. I used my handy tracking numbers to check on their progress. Box 1 was already in California. I was shocked! It left Springfield, MO and didn’t stop until it got to Bell Gardens, CA. Then it went to Santa Ana, CA for a quick stop before getting to Irvine, CA. I needed to let my daughter-in-law to be on the lookout Friday for this box. Of course, I did not know if it was the big box or the small box.

That was surprisingly fast, but then I checked my second number and I couldn’t quite believe what the tracking number told me. This box went to Des Moines, IA. What? Why did two boxes with the same destination take two completely different routes? This box hung around Des Moines twenty-four hours before moving on down the road. Finally, it arrived in Bell Gardens. Good, I thought, it’s back on track. That track did not last long. The next check revealed it was in Richmond, CA, which is up by San Francisco. What? Now I started to wonder if the clerk gave me the right tracking number. Something is terribly wrong here! I’m starting to panic, but what can I do?

One week after beginning the journey, the box has been returned to Bell Gardens. This morning the tracker reported it checked in at Santa Ana and is on the way to its next stop. Hopefully, that will be Irvine and soon my family in California will be munching on some Christmas treats.








15 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Boxes

  1. This sounds like a good picture book idea, Elsie. I thought when you tracked, you only found out when it arrived. I just sent a box last Sat., will look to see where it is! That one box really did travel. Wonder why? And now I see why the PO is often out of $.

  2. Judy C. says:

    If only package #2 could talk and share it’s adventure to CA. I find it amazing how these packages can be tracked and how many of them actually make it to their destinations. I’m sure those goodies are being enjoyed.

  3. Elsie,
    What a beautiful tale in your slice today. “Talk about finding a small moment!” Check! I hate to send boxes that require a signature upon receipt but I don’t always do a good job of tracking. (Maybe I can find/ hire an “elf” to do that monitoring for me!) Amazing that two packages have to travel different routes.

    However, I am amused that one ended up in Des Moines, Iowa as we do have a fairly large distribution point here!!!!

    Happy Holidays! Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure!

  4. This is great Elsie. I agree with Joyce, this is a book waiting to happen!! I love that you can send food treats in the mail at Christmas time. It would be a melted blob if we did that here. It’s lovely hearing all the stories of Christmas traditions in different places and this slice had tidbits of that in it too. Thank you.

  5. Terje says:

    How life has changed. In the past you sent a box and hoped it arrived in the right destination. Now you can track the journey. Reading your story and the anxiety the odd route caused, I am not sure tracking is such a good idea. Then again, I have never tried it. Wishing the happiness you packed will be well received.

  6. “Tape at every seam” made me smile. My family always teases me about my stock in the tape company. Hopefully those treats have now arrived in irvine. I’m a little envious of your scene: “Presents wrapped…gifts under the tree.” I think I better wrap a couple of presents before my little friends arrive for cookies and stories today.

  7. So funny! Who’d though that two packages started at the same point and same time would take such different routes to get to the same end point. Hmmm, is there a life message here? Hopefully that package will arrive soon!!

  8. Wow, that 2nd tracking gave me anxiety. We can’t even send to our kids because Ecuador, at least where they are has no addresses and mail always gets opened and, if they like it, taken. Yikes! We’re bringing Christmas again in February. xo

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