Lost and Found

As I get out of my car, my hand instinctively brushes my pocket to assure me my phone is there. This time, the pocket is flat, there is no bump of a phone. My hands begin to explore other possibilities, my fleece jacket, my purse. Each search comes up empty. Panic begins to set in. Where could it be?

Could it be at Hobby Lobby? I had just used my phone to show the cashier a coupon. Did I set it down on the counter as I paid for my purchase? With my heart pounding, I raced back to Hobby Lobby. Before running inside, I looked under my seat and on the floor. All I found was an umbrella.

“Did I leave my phone on the counter?” I asked the cashier. Willing her to say, “Why yes, here it is.” But she didn’t. Where could it be?

A manager came by and offered to call my number from his phone. We listened, no ringing was heard. “Go back to your car and I’ll keep calling.” I rushed back to my car, but first I checked the parking lot where I’d parked earlier.

I opened the door and looked down. This time when I looked, relief flooded through my veins. It was wedged between the door post and the driver’s seat. It must have slipped out of the pocket of my jacket. I snatched it up and headed back into the store when it rang. It was the manager still trying to help me locate the phone. I answered and thanked him for helping.

My heart rate returned to normal, I was finally able to get back to my shopping. This time, when my hand brushed the pocket, I was reassured. My phone was where it should be.

14 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. I have lived through this panic myself. We don’t have a home phone and one time I couldn’t find my phone when I was home alone for the weekend…no one around to call it for me. Thankfully, like you, I found it.


  2. Judy C. says:

    Perhaps this is the reason why so many people tend to always have their phones in their hands – that way they don’t have to worry about misplacing them! So glad you found your phone.

  3. Ive been there so many times, my friend. Not yet with this new iPhone 6+. I’m hoping it’s harder to misplace given its size. I’m sure that’s not true 🙂

  4. How many of us have had the same experience patting ourselves down trying to find what should be there but isn’t?. Could “the Pat Down” become the next big dance craze? So glad you did find your phone and were able to continue your day with peace of mind.

  5. I know that feeling! I always “try” to put my phone in the same place EVERY time, but I still find myself looking for it in a semi-panic each day. Crazy! So glad it was found, slippery devil.

  6. So glad you found it, Elsie. It’s one of those things I make sure I have, too, but there are times… Yesterday at the store, a couple told me they had just left their wallet at a previous store & how panicked they were. I guess the feeling stays for a while, because as I retrieved mine, they warned me to be sure I kept mine safe.

  7. I hate it when that happens! Sure can tell how attached we are to those things. I thought the other day when I had left my phone at home…How did we get along before the cell phone? I feel like I’ve lost connection with the world when I can’t find mine. Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. That lead – patting down your clothes, looking for the phone – pulled me right in. I could picture it because I’ve done it so many times! I felt the relief of finding it, right along with you. 🙂

  9. Losing our phones is such a scary experience. It is amazing how much of our day-to-day life fits into the palm of our hands. So glad you found it and were able to finish shopping. Can’t wait to hear about that grand-baby!

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