Thoughts from a Bathroom Door

You just never know where you might find your next slice of life. Sometimes they blow in and land on you. Sometimes they crawl up from underground and invade your space. They even startle you as you calmly are eating lunch. As the title stated, you might find a slice hanging on the back of a bathroom door.

It was lunchtime, my husband and I were hungry, so we began the search for some place to eat. We were in Kansas, where the road was long and not very populated. Finally, a small town appeared and as we drove through we spotted a coffee shop advertising sandwiches. We stopped.

The menu was written on a board over the counter. The daily special was blank. I inquired if there was a special for the day.

The owner said, “Monday comes with it’s own set of troubles, we don’t need to add to it by having a special.” Interesting attitude I thought.

So we chose something from the menu. I went to the restroom to wash my hands and discovered a new way of looking at things.

photo 1 (16) photo 2 (17)

Once lunch was over and we were back in the car, the lists I had just read pushed me to think of creating a few phrases that were just for me.

Savor the sights around you.
Enjoy the company of the one(s) you are with today.
Relish relationships.
Dream big.
Bask in the delight of others.
Share a smile.
Make a discovery.

What thoughts would you add? You just never know where you will find a slice! 🙂


19 thoughts on “Thoughts from a Bathroom Door

  1. I love “bask in the delight of others.” So funny that you were motivated by a bathroom stop! Here’s mine from this evening – Dare to sit in silence.

  2. Judy C. says:

    Another great find on your travels. The list is great along with all the others that have been added. Mine is “Be thankful for all the blessings we receive each day”.

  3. Joyce says:

    This is one of my favorite slices. The list on the door took me by surprise and seemed to be so totally random. Create your own magic would be a nice addition to my list. Thank you for bringing a smile to my heart.

  4. What a quirky place you stopped at Elsie. I really enjoyed reading this post and had a giggle at the owner’s attitude. I think I would add “look up” to the list. 🙂

  5. What a fun list! Not at all what I expected from the title. I was trying to think of what might be on the back of a bathroom door – a robe, a towel, certainly not expecting the inspiring list you found. I’d have to add – slow down and pay attention to the little things.

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