Fall Hazard

Fall has it’s own special delights that it brings to our world. Beautiful colors light up the landscape with the warm colors of reds, oranges, and yellows. Cooler temperatures allow us to add a layer, whether it’s to our bodies or our beds. We look forward to this change of season, but sometimes summer snaps its head and reminds us that it is not ready to depart.

The blue sky with billowy clouds called us to enjoy a bike ride down the paved path of the Frisco Highline Trail. The colors were just beginning to creep into the foliage. Sunlight caught the silver sparkle of web lines overhead. Humidity pushed its way into the ride and wrapped its arms around me, but I didn’t let that slow me down. Pedaling created a breeze to savor.

The world went into s-l-o-w motion when I saw it flying toward me. A teeny tiny, neon green worm (?) was riding the breeze and headed straight for my face. I turned my head and bike trying to miss it. Whew! That was a close one!

I pedaled on, but something was on my sun glasses. I thought it was a hair. As I pedaled, I pulled off the glasses and found myself gazing at that neon green worm frozen to my glasses. I guess it wasn’t a close call after all.

I stopped my bike, because of course I needed a picture of this little critter. Multiple shots were taken, but they all came out blurry as it scurried across and around the lens of my sunglasses. Finally I blew a puff of air and it vanished.

Look down along the bottom edge of the lens to see my hitchhiker.

Look down along the bottom edge of the lens to see my hitchhiker.

I looked down at my neon green shirt. There were several more little worms hanging on for dear life. A quick shake of the fabric sent them away. Fortunately I wasn’t that far from the end of the ride, I could just imagine/feel the worms crawling around on my damp skin and through my hair. I needed a shower to rid this creeping feeling!

I was not the only one with green hitchhikers. My husband had several spots of green stuck to his face and shirt too.  I just hate these hazards that Mother Nature sends my way.

15 thoughts on “Fall Hazard

  1. Terje says:

    I went “wow, when I read the description, and then I laughed when you switched to slow motion with a flying worm. You live a dangerous life, woman.

  2. Judy C. says:

    I so enjoyed “our” bike ride up until the worms appeared. These hitchhikers must have gotten tired and found some friendly people to help them out. Thanks for the descriptive ride through your neighborhood.

  3. Lynn says:

    Fall is a wonderful time of year although here in New Mexico I have not seen signs as of yet. You inspire me to get my bike in to the shop after the move it’s in need of a tune up! Thanks:-)

  4. Maybe those little guys were just looking for some sort of mass transit to take them to their destination. You can think of it as providing a service. Now, it you could just somehow manage to charge them a fee…

  5. What a delightful read! I have seen those little green worms but never as many as you seemed to have encountered. This makes me want to get out my bike and hit a bike trail! I love fall!

  6. Love your descriptive phrases – “beautiful colors light up the landscape,summer snaps its head, blue sky with billowy clouds” put me right there beside you on the ride. So glad that you were able to make your hitchhiker disappear with a puff of air!

  7. I was wondering what fell from the sky and was glad to here you weren’t hurt. We had a late summer flurry of spiderwebs in the garden and I walked through more than I cared to at night. I felt bad, too, because the work of hours was carelessly destroyed by me in the flash of an instant.

  8. I was beside you every bit of the way! The summer and those little neon worms (worms?) just won’t let go, but you don’t slow down. So like you making fun. Beautiful slice!

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