Then & Now

Growing produce is a challenge! I could never be a farmer. You just never know from one year to the next what will happen to your crops, plus the biggest factor, the weather, is out of your control.

Last year the tomatoes never got their act together to produce much. This year, we are awash with tomatoes. Unfortunately most of them are still green balls.

I cannot believe the clusters of tomatoes this year.

I cannot believe the clusters of tomatoes this year.

Recently I counted the possibilities of tomatoes, there were over fifty potential tomatoes hanging. Now if only they ripen gradually, I should be set for at least a month of savory, home-grown tomatoes with every meal.

The beginnings of last year's bounty.

The beginnings of last year’s bounty.

Last year the peaches were bountiful. I was knocking at every door handing out bags of peaches.

This spring, the tree never had a chance to bloom. It was with sadness I gazed at my tree, longing for the beauty of the golden peach. However, one day I did notice there there were a few fuzzy balls beginning to form. They were difficult to see, but I kept watching, as they slowly began to take on the blush of a golden peach. Each day I would check the ground under the tree to see if any had fallen. Thankfully, they were hardy and continued to hang on until we decided they needed to be picked. The ladder was brought around and by str-e-t-ch-ing my husband was just able to pluck them. There were five and they were the sweetest peaches of the year. All the sugar from the tree must have pooled into those five peaches. Yum! There was no sharing this year.

Can you see how high up the peaches were? Aren't the five peaches a sad sight compared to last year?

Can you see how high up the peaches were? Aren’t the five peaches a sad sight compared to last year?

I wonder what my “crops” will be like next year. Would it be too much to ask for a bumper crop of tomatoes AND peaches?

16 thoughts on “Then & Now

  1. I am right there with you! Last year, my tart cherry trees were overflowing with cherries. This year? Not a one! We planted two peach trees in our yard last year and I’m looking forward to the day we get fruit from them. It can’t come too soon. Enjoy your tomatoes!


  2. Like you, I don’t think I could be a farmer (though that is one of my fantasy occupations!). Your slice really makes clear how varied crop yields can be! I’m glad you got some peaches this year, and I hope you enjoy all those tomatoes! (Love that you used “awash,” one of my favorite words!)

  3. Ramona says:

    Love the pics of your green orbs. I hope they manage to turn red and sweet. I didn’t get any tomatoes planted this year, and I’ve missed them so. So glad you had those five sweet peaches. Maybe next year will be your gardening bonanza year!

  4. Here’s to hoping your produce gets their act together next year! Peaches were horrible this year, too but the watermelons have been plentiful. Good thing since according to local farmers, we live in the watermelon capital of the world! Hopefully the apples will cooperate this fall!

  5. I’m so glad you are passionate about your garden. I don’t have one and as much as I love tomatoes my farmer days are gone and I am totally at the mercy of others. Keep the images coming. I’m cheerleading your efforts. 🙂

  6. Oh no…look what you have done…I am craving a really good peach! We don’t have a peach tree like I did when I was young….so I must depend on local markets or friends for a sweet, juicy peach. I hope your tomatoes ripen so that you can enjoy a few a day…or maybe you will end up making tomato sauce or juice…or maybe your neighbors will be getting some treats again.

  7. Of course it’s not too much to ask for. Living in farm country as we do you would think Kathy and I would have a nice little garden out back. We don’t. Thank goodness for the local farmer’s market.

  8. Judy C. says:

    Feast or famine seems to hit all farmers. The weather has so much authority over crops. I have decided to let other farmers do the growing and I’ll enjoy their bounty. Good luck with the tomatoes

  9. I have never been a good flower gardener, but I have always been pretty good at growing vegetables. I call myself a practical gardener. I would have been a poor farmer, too. Thank goodness for the farmer’s market. I am happy to support anyone with the faith and patience to grow my food.

  10. My daughter’s peach tree is lacking this year too, Elsie. She thinks it’s on a cycle of every other year. The tomatoes will be divine. Time to hit the farmer’s market I think. Love your pictures too.

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