Plant Envy?

One evening I was checking the progress of my tomatoes in my minuscule garden plot when a spot of red appeared through the feathery ferns of the asparagus. My heart beat a little faster. My mind already planning when and how to eat the juicy tomato as my hands eagerly reached through the greenery that tickled my hands. Oh yes, it was a tomato that had developed all on its own while hidden by the asparagus. It was ripe and just ready to be picked. So I did.

A hidden tomatoe!

A hidden tomatoe!

Then I wondered if there were any more. Gently my hand separated the fern fronds. My eyes scanning and seeking a bit of red. Ah ha! Red! But as I moved aside the green, this red was simply a red berry produced by the asparagus.

The asparagus wants to get attention too.

The asparagus wants to get attention too.

I thought that perhaps the asparagus was jealous of all the attention the tomatoes have been getting, so it decided to produce its own version of  a round red fruit. However, I have investigated and discovered that the female plant produces this berry as a seed. The plant’s yield will be reduced due to the energy put into developing the seed. Therefore, I must get out there and pluck the seeds so I will be sure to have lots of asparagus next spring. No plant envy here.

Still waiting on the ones front and center to begin the process of turning red.

Still waiting on the ones front and center to begin the process of turning red.

12 thoughts on “Plant Envy?

  1. Ramona says:

    I didn’t get my driveway container tomatoes planted this year. But I’m enjoying wonderful tomatoes from the Farmer’s Market. Since we can’t get together to share tomatoes, sharing slices of life is the next best thing. I’m pulling for those green tomatoes and another tomato slice.

  2. Kathy Douglas says:

    This sounds like a non fiction picture book. Have you read Lola Shaffr’s books? She’s originally from north eastern Indiana! Taught here in Auburn.

  3. What is better than a juicy ripe home-grown tomato this time of year! We picked from our neighbor’s garden when they were on vacation, and I’d say your description of the excitement and anticipation of “seeing red” is spot on! I hope your asparagus produces, too, when it is time. YUM!

  4. Elsie, your pictures are so pretty, & I’d love to have a bite of those tomatoes when they ripen. I think I need to get myself to the farmer’s market! I had asparagus when we lived in MO, but don’t remember the red berries at all. Do you think they were stressed or something? Really interesting to see.

  5. This brought memories of the gardens we had when I was young. I loved your anticipation at what you would find. Your writing always makes me want to read more…even when I am finished.

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