A Mystery

I don’t normally use the front door or sidewalk to get in and out of my house, so I usually don’t pay a lot of attention to the front landscaping bed. This area has mostly perennial plants, which allows it to maintain the same look year after year.

The Polar Vortex of this past winter was not kind to the ground cover in this bed. The low growing greenery did not survive. My husband dug out the old and dead (which included a mass of tangled roots) and planted new vinca ground cover. Slowly the vinca will fill in the space and we will be happy once again.

However, the other day I walked by and a small grayish rock caught my eye. Where did this come from? How did it get there? I found my husband and questioned him on his knowledge of this rock. He had noticed it too, but had no clue where it came from either.


We know it was not there when he replaced the ground cover earlier this spring. There are no rocks in this bed except for the large ornamental rock. Could this be a chip off of that rock?

This rock has been living in this bed for ten years. It's been all alone.

This rock has been living in this bed for ten years. It’s been all alone.

Did it somehow manage to break away from the big rock and roll down to this location? Did some animal carry it here and drop it? So many questions and no real answers.

See the little rock by the sidewalk? Where did it come from?

See the little rock by the sidewalk? Where did it come from?

I’m thinking this is a mystery that won’t be solved. I guess I will have to make up a story to explain this. Any ideas?


12 thoughts on “A Mystery

  1. I know of one animal that does carry rocks but I think my two year old lives too far from you for this one. This WOULD be a great children’s book idea! You should, Elsie. Keep the mystery going.

    arjeha’s comment has my dying laughing. So true. This winter owned us. I’m already fearing for its return.

  2. If the rock appeared after the winter, it would make sense that something happened with snow and melting, etc. But it wasn’t there in the spring? That is indeed a mystery!!

  3. Hmmm…great wonder. I love that your first finger point was to your husband: “I questioned him on the knowledge of the rock.” Ha — that would have been my first suggestion too. Very strange how things appear or disappear, but there is a story behind it. Good luck figuring this one out! Keep an eye on it to see if it moves again! Perhaps a children’s picture book will emerge!

    By the way, the photos — zooming out to see the big rock and the little rock — are awesome! A great writing prompt idea for anyone!

  4. I know. It was the Polar Vortex saying, “Do not try to control your flower bed. I was here. It is now under my control. Do not try to change things for you cannot. I will be back.”

  5. A mystery rock appeared in the area out behind my condo this week. It looked like a piece of soapstone. I picked it up and realized it was a fake rock with an opening in the bottom to hide a key. One of my neighbors must have put it there (we have no fences). So, I put it back. It is gone this morning.

  6. I don’t know any animal that carries rocks, but you could make one up, Elsie! Definitely looks like a “chip off the old block” (tehe), but how did it roll down without other signs of water movement? Love that you wondered. We did a lot of this at the beach!

  7. Judy C. says:

    I have noticed that these rocks seem to appear overnight and have come to realization that they “grow”. They are like weeds that have finally taken root and pop up wherever and whenever they want. Of course, if our granddaughters were there, I’d say they planted it like they did in our flower pots! The answers are endless!

  8. Ohhh…that IS a mystery! That kind of freaks me out a little bit. I definitely feel a story brewing. It reminds me of the day last summer when we woke up and found that our pool had drained — overnight!


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