Late Night? Early Morning?

The heat covers me like a blanket, so heavy that it brings me out of my dozing state. Eyelids flutter, trying to open and focus on the time of day. It is 3:00 in the afternoon, my eyes close again as my thoughts drift back to only twelve hours before.

Twelve hours ago, I was driving towards St. Louis, following my husband who was driving our neighbor’s car.

Flashback to late afternoon, we get a call from Dave, “I’m taking Sue (his wife) to the emergency room. I’ll let you know what’s happened,” he briefly explains.

We are concerned, Sue had a kidney transplant in the fall. Has something happened? She was fine yesterday. Late evening Dave calls back, “She is being transported to Barnes Hospital (in St. Louis). They think there is something blocking one of her tubes. I’m coming home to pick up things.”

Mike checks on Dave when he arrives, Dave is in no frame of mind to drive three hours to St. Louis. Mike offers to drive him and I will follow so Dave will have his car. We can spend the night at my father-in-law’s house (near St. Louis). Quickly we throw together items we will need in the morning.

There is a delay, Dave has to return to the local hospital. The hospital will not release Sue until a bed is assigned in St. Louis. The time ticks away. I returned home to wait. They do not leave the hospital until 12:15 a.m.

I dozed a little while waiting for them, I only hope I am up to the task of driving at such a late hour. The miles are eaten as I am focused on being alert to all traffic. Eventually we arrive at an exit where Dave will take over driving and we head for the house. The last time I’d seen 3:30 in the morning, I was on an international flight. I fall into bed exhausted, but yet sleep eludes me for a while.

By 8:30 a.m., we are up and ready to begin the journey home. It was a short night. Once home, a nap is required after lunch. I move to the patio. It is warm, but there is a slight breeze that allows me to drift away, until I begin to suffocate under the blanket of heat.

Update on my neighbor: Many tests were run on her. The test with positive results was related to a tick bite. We have no idea when or where she encountered a tick. She is still in the hospital, but hopes to be released today.


14 thoughts on “Late Night? Early Morning?

  1. Bev says:

    What a change in plans indeed. So good for your neighbour you could help out. My husband celebrated 11 years with his new kidney this past June. There were scares along the way but he has done well. It is amazing what can be done medically. All the best to your friend.

  2. Your posts are amazing! I just want to read more and more and I feel like I will never get off my couch! I am glad your neighbor is doing better! I wanted to tell you, that it was so nice meeting you at All-Write. Leigh Anne and I were a like shell shocked and you ladies were nice enough to include us! I have finally dived into the blogging world and I cannot wait to see where it leads me. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  3. Your lead built the suspense. Thankfully Sue seems to be on the mend. I am so fortunate to have experienced your and Mike’s generosity first hand. 🙂 You two are special. Your supportive friendship is a gift that I know is appreciated bymany.

  4. Jaana says:

    Wonderful that you and your husband were there to support friends in need. These are the real stories of life. Hopefully Sue will soon feel better!

  5. Tales of the unexpected. It’s amazing how we all experience them. It’s always interesting to observe how people respond in these curve-ball moments. Loved the lead to your piece. Great neighborly actions.

  6. Scary stuff. Your neighbor is lucky to have you pulling for her. It all sounds so stressful Having dealt with my kids being sick the past week and a half, I can feel your pain waiting and hoping for the best. It’s consuming. Prayers your friend’s way, Elsie.

  7. Judy C. says:

    Elsie, I’m so glad that you and hubby were there to help. That’s what neighbors and friends are all about. So glad too that Sue is improving and will soon be home. Those ticks are really bad this year and seem to be all around. Hope you get some needed rest after your journey.

  8. I felt like I was right there next to you trying to keep awake. I could feel the tension and I’m so glad you all made it safely. You and your husband are such good friends. I hope Sue will get better quickly.

  9. What a journey! I love how your intro took me into wondering about the time of day – 3 pm waking and wondering about 12 hours earlier. It is so disorienting when we get outside of our normal waking hours. Such creatures of habit. I know what you mean about driving so late at night. Lucky neighbors to have you guys there to help out!

  10. Whew-what good neighbors you are, & what a worry-fraught time for everyone, Elsie. So glad your neighbor is all right, & that the trip was made safely. We never know what the next day will be, do we? Enjoy today!

  11. Ramona says:

    I was holding my breath – so glad all is well with your neighbor. What a blessing to have good neighbors like you and your husband.

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