Moments to Celebrate

A few short celebrations for this week:

1) It was time, my bike had been looking forlorn. My foot healed, it was time to return to the bike. The first time out caused a bit of fear. Fear was conquered. I can celebrate the return to biking. Now if only the weather will cooperate, I will be back pedaling the mornings away.

2) Each day I inspect the tomato plants. At first it was looking for the beginnings of a ball developing from the blossom. Then it was watching the ball grow bigger and bigger. Now I search for the color to change. One lone tomato has decided it is time to cast aside that green coat and try on a more vibrant color. Hopefully the rest of the tomatoes will catch on to this new fad and they will want to be just as brilliant.


Still needs to work on that color, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.