Time to Celebrate

I have been savoring this week as a time to recuperate from the busyness of the week before. I loved every minute of the time spent with friends at All Write, but it was exhausting too. When you only have three days a year to be with special people, you have to take advantage of every minute.

Monday was a day of exploring mentor texts in my office with Kim. It was our only day to talk books. Sadly she left very early Tuesday morning.

The rest of the week was spent catching up on the life that continued while I was playing (learning) in Indiana. I celebrate that this time is available.

My husband and I escaped from the mundane of every day life this weekend. The main objective was to use a gift card for a meal out. It was a lovely meal, but dessert is always the way to finish it off in grand style. So I leave you with a tempting treat for your eyes.

Profiteroles filled with ice cream. Yum!

Profiteroles filled with ice cream. Yum!


9 thoughts on “Time to Celebrate

  1. Those look amazing so therefore no way are they gluten free and able for me to enjoy too! A balance of priority with PD books and dessert with hubby is wonderful to celebrate and share!

  2. The balance of busy exciting weeks alternating with cozy relaxing weeks is necessary. This way we can enjoy both kinds. Friends, family, books and good food are hopefully part of every week.

  3. Ramona says:

    I wish I could have joined you and Kim for that morning with books. That dessert is gorgeous, and I bet it was delicious too!

  4. I wish I could have been there with you and Kim talking about books. How fun! Glad you are relaxing now. My daughter babysits and had this week off due to the family vacationing. We used every day. It was fun. I added a couple of pictures to the post today.

  5. Yum! It was great to have a personal PD day with you! I went to my wonderful local library, found many books we talked about, many Mary Helen and Tammy suggested, checked them out or put them on hold. Then there was the online ordering! Books wonderful books inspiring me, extending my thinking and reminding me of my wonderful adventure with you! πŸ™‚ Still celebrating!

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