Lost and Found on Pinterest

Pinterest is dangerous. Once you enter that world you could lose many hours of your time. When you leave that world, images might linger in your mind and you want to return to explore more. Then you begin to rush through life so you can feed your Pinterest fix.

I have dabbled in Pinterest for several years, but now I have leaped into the waters of Pinterest in a serious way (at least for me). My broken foot has clipped my traveling wings. I am tethered to the house (unless someone wants to drive me somewhere). I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. Boy did I find it! Tired of same old, same old dinner options? Type in an ingredient in the search and you have pictures galore of tasty treats.

This is how I found myself in trouble one day. I found a recipe for a salad dressing. Maple syrup and basalmic vinegar, mmm, on a spinach and apple salad. Perfect! I have all ingredients needed.

I used my iPad to create the dressing. We had the salad for lunch and loved it. I had not pinned it yet because I wanted to see if we liked it.

After lunch I went back to the iPad to pin it, but where is it? The link disappeared from the Pinterest site when I turned off the iPad. I thought it would still be there when I turned it back on.

Now the mental exercise had to begin. I had found this from another recipe I had checked out. Reconstructing my path was painful. I tried several different searches, but did not come up with the right recipe. Eventually I was able to find the recipe and I immediately pinned it.

I’ve learned my lesson. If you see something interesting grab it quick so it will be there later and you can always delete it then.

The recipe is from Lauren’s Latest.

New Favorite Salad
yield: for 1 person

for the salad-
2 cups lettuce or baby spinach
2 slices garlic & herb deli turkey
2 tablespoons toasted, chopped pecans
1/3 fuji apple, diced
1-2 tablespoons shaved parmesan cheese

for the dressing-
makes enough for large dinner salad
1 clove garlic, finely minced (if I was making this for my husband, I’d do half a clove–its garlicy stuff)
2 tablespoons maple syrup, honey or something sweet
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1/3 cup light flavored olive oil or canola oil

Pour all ingredients for dressing into a leak proof container or into the bottom of a bowl. Shake or whisk until dressing has emulsified. Set aside.
Make salad by placing all ingredients into a bowl or onto a large plate. Top with desired amount of dressing.


16 thoughts on “Lost and Found on Pinterest

  1. Pinterest is dangerous! :)))) I have learned to use it more for my own visual organizational tool, than for surfing through others pins and boards,otherwise I might fall into the abyssss! Fun post!

  2. Tam says:

    Thanks, Elsie! I use Pinterest to relax. It’s almost like shopping but no charges. Glad you’re taking the time to just heal.

  3. Ramona says:

    Sounds like a wonderful recipe. I’ve only used Pinterest a bit. Since I’m so easily distracted – it’s not a good place for me. Perhaps a future diversion, although my husband has big plans for my retirement – lots of home projects and de-cluttering on my horizon.

  4. I’m a Pinterest addict. I have a billion pins. I pin things over-and-over again…thank goodness they put a reminder in for that. I lose pins on my own boards. I’ve tried to find something I lost more than once–most recently my classroom Mother’s Day project. I’ve been on a classroom organization kick lately. I dream if a day when I can have beautiful shelves all lined with colored baskets and canisters where students won’t take them all off and mix it all up. Someday…

  5. Agree, where does all the time go when you are on pinterest?. I too have lost pins etc. So frustrating. I will try that salad too. It looks like a delicious combination of flavours.

  6. Judy C. says:

    So glad you were able to “re-find” the recipe – it sounds delicious. I need to eat more salads and now that you’ve tested it, I’ll give it a try. Pinterest is good and bad – and just like other websites – pin or bookmark it when you first see it or it’s gone – poof!

  7. Pinterest is totally a time suck and I’m looking forward to hitting it up this summer! I love that you shared the recipe here though. I’ll have to send it my cousin who is always looking to try new things. Me, not so much but I’m a big fan of the teaching and organizing boards. We planned a whole wedding for my best friend between showers and parties between the 4 bridesmaids. Multiple pins and repins! Those secret boards are great!

  8. I have not done much on Pinterest, but everyone I know who does, really likes it. So glad you are able to find it useful since you are still unable to travel much. The salad sounds really yummy…gives me an idea of making a dressing for this summer in New Mexico…since I ‘volunteered’ go be in charge of feeding the 30 some people. Anyway…hope your ankle heals quickly and that you out and about soon.

  9. I have dabbled in Pinterest but mostly for educational things – especially anchor charts. I am not a big salad dressing person (Olive Garden only) but I will have to say this recipe sounds very good. I just might have to try it! Hope your recovery is going well. I finally went to the doctor for my foot today and he suggested a “boot” and I said aggressive treatment first. We will see!

  10. Your Pinterest tale is one that I have told before too! My solution? Create another board! “Recipes to Try” and then you can repin in onto “Favorite Recipes” or “Recipes I Created and Loved”! But I agree, trying to back track and find something is way to hard! Pin it when you see it! And that recipe sounds delicious! I’m think I’m going to pin it right now! Hope the foot is healing and that you’ll soon be back on your feet quickly! In the meantime, enjoy the inspiration!

  11. I love any kind of salad with apples, Elsie, & this sounds sweet and good. So far I’ve stayed away from Pinterest-just can’t take the time. But occasionally I find the most beautiful images, or journal ideas. It certainly can take one away… Hope your ankle is improving!

  12. My Pinterest account has languished ever since I discovered Twitter…now you inspire me to go back, Elsie – I’d never thought of using it for cooking, though. And your salad is making my mouth water…plus, I forgot to pack my lunch today an am munching on a stale bag of potato chips. Yuck!

  13. Sounds good. I have not dabbled in Pinterest although I have been tempted to check it out several times. Who knows, maybe when I retire…oh, wait… I am retired.

  14. Lynn says:

    Oh boy this does sound yummy! Elsie, that is my mantra for life grab it today cause tomorrow it may be gone! 😉

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