I Find a Celebration

Hindsight always allows us time for reflection. Many events have occurred these past few months that appeared to be negatives, but now with the events that taken place in the last few days I am grateful.

We could have been on a cruise to Alaska with our neighbor, celebrating a successful kidney transplant, but her doctor told her no cruises for a year. So I was home.

We could have been on a road trip exploring areas by bike, but I fell and broke a metatarsal in my foot, which confined us to staying close to home. So I was home.

I did celebrate when the doctor announced the boot could be removed on Wednesday morning. I would have done a happy dance but there shall be no running or jumping for another month (doctor’s orders).

So because of the previous events I was home when I received the phone call telling me my father had just been taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I celebrate that I was near. I celebrate all the paramedics, doctors, and nurses who cared for my father in the final hours of his life. I celebrate that he is now with his parents and siblings. I celebrate that he no longer has any pain. I celebrate I had the opportunity to say good-bye to my father.

Sometimes celebrations can leave a hole in your heart, but it is still worthy of celebrating.





On May 19, I was supposed to visit the foot doctor. This would be halfway through my healing process. (broken foot bone) Unfortunately the doctor’s office called to cancel/reschedule the appointment. The doctor had a family emergency.

This news crushed shattered my hopes that I would get some driving privileges back. It would be another week and a half of waiting for my appointment.

Tomorrow I visit the doctor. A new x-ray will be taken, examined, and I will learn how much longer I will depend on others to chauffeur me around.

If six weeks is the healing time, I should only have one and a half weeks left. Could I be so lucky? Hopefully I will have good news next week.






Cat vs Snake

Someone announced, “There’s a snake outside.” We all rushed to the bay window to check this out.

Standing on the sidewalk was a tabby cat pacing near the long black snake. The snake filled the space between the sidewalk and grass, slithering slowly along. The cat approached meowing. (I’m sure she was saying, “Get off my property, you don’t belong here.”) The snake stopped sliding. It lay very still, waiting. The cat continued to advance and retreat. The snake had enough, it curled up. Its head waving back and forth as if to say, “Leave me alone!” It was a stand-off. Who would give way?

I went outside to call the cat. She came quickly with plaintive meows telling me of the intruder in her territory. I petted her until she calmed down and began purring. Her world had been rocked and she didn’t know what to make of it.

I went to check on the snake. It decided that along the sidewalk was not the safest place. It headed straight for a tall tree. Slowly it inched its way up, up, up until it disappeared from sight.

I can’t say who won that battle, but both parties were able to escape with their dignity.

Fascinating to watch this black snake make its way up into the branches of this tree.

Fascinating to watch this black snake make its way up into the branches of this tree.

Books to Celebrate

Scholastic Book Fairs set up at the fairgrounds this week. Most books were 50% off. This is a dangerous combination for me. How can I resist? Since I cannot drive with my air cast on, my dear husband transported me to this nirvana.

I browsed the tables and the metal shelves casting a discriminating eye over each title. Occasionally I stopped and thumbed through a book. Sometimes I stopped and read it from front to back. As I am browsing I search for favorite authors. Slowly the stack grows.

Before checking out, ponder each book I’ve selected. How will I use this? Do I have one similar? Or do I just HAVE to get this title?   Two new finds are pictured below.


Drawing From Memory by Allen Say is his story. It is an interesting picture book format of an autobiography. Did you know that he lived in an apartment alone when he was twelve? This was so he could attend an art school. I can’t imagine what it would be like.

What’s Your Favorite Animal? by Eric Carle and Friends is just what is needed to teach opinion writing. Fourteen illustrators have drawn and written about their favorite animal. Does it surprise you to learn that Jon Klassen’s favorite animal is a duck? There are some interesting choices, which opens the door for students to go beyond cats and dogs.

I also celebrate Ruth putting up the sign-up sheet for the Wednesday evening dinner before All Write. I am so looking forward to meeting up with all the friends I made last year and more new friends from the blogosphere. Can’t wait!

Lost and Found on Pinterest

Pinterest is dangerous. Once you enter that world you could lose many hours of your time. When you leave that world, images might linger in your mind and you want to return to explore more. Then you begin to rush through life so you can feed your Pinterest fix.

I have dabbled in Pinterest for several years, but now I have leaped into the waters of Pinterest in a serious way (at least for me). My broken foot has clipped my traveling wings. I am tethered to the house (unless someone wants to drive me somewhere). I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. Boy did I find it! Tired of same old, same old dinner options? Type in an ingredient in the search and you have pictures galore of tasty treats.

This is how I found myself in trouble one day. I found a recipe for a salad dressing. Maple syrup and basalmic vinegar, mmm, on a spinach and apple salad. Perfect! I have all ingredients needed.

I used my iPad to create the dressing. We had the salad for lunch and loved it. I had not pinned it yet because I wanted to see if we liked it.

After lunch I went back to the iPad to pin it, but where is it? The link disappeared from the Pinterest site when I turned off the iPad. I thought it would still be there when I turned it back on.

Now the mental exercise had to begin. I had found this from another recipe I had checked out. Reconstructing my path was painful. I tried several different searches, but did not come up with the right recipe. Eventually I was able to find the recipe and I immediately pinned it.

I’ve learned my lesson. If you see something interesting grab it quick so it will be there later and you can always delete it then.

The recipe is from Lauren’s Latest.

New Favorite Salad
yield: for 1 person

for the salad-
2 cups lettuce or baby spinach
2 slices garlic & herb deli turkey
2 tablespoons toasted, chopped pecans
1/3 fuji apple, diced
1-2 tablespoons shaved parmesan cheese

for the dressing-
makes enough for large dinner salad
1 clove garlic, finely minced (if I was making this for my husband, I’d do half a clove–its garlicy stuff)
2 tablespoons maple syrup, honey or something sweet
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1/3 cup light flavored olive oil or canola oil

Pour all ingredients for dressing into a leak proof container or into the bottom of a bowl. Shake or whisk until dressing has emulsified. Set aside.
Make salad by placing all ingredients into a bowl or onto a large plate. Top with desired amount of dressing.

Celebrate Mom

Tomorrow we celebrate mothers. Today I celebrate that my mother is still with me and lives nearby.

The years move too fast and I know she won’t always be there, but I find it hard to imagine a world without her. Whenever I get good news, she is one of the first person’s to hear it. She is loved by many, not just those in her family.

Life has not always been easy for her, but she has always made the best of her life. It is a lesson I need to remember. I have been blessed to have this woman as my mother. Is it any wonder that when you flip the word Mom around you get the word Wow?

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

Uninvited Guest

You dropped in

Your movement
                 caught my eye

I moved away,
                 you followed,

There was no escape
                  for either one of us

My heart was pounding,
                  was yours?

It was a soft landing,
                  on my iPad

You froze,
                  I watched

you explored 
the glassy world 
under your feet,
                   Angry Birds held 
                   no interest for you

Your pedipalps waved wildly,
                  but all they found was air

Your visit came to an end
with a gust of air ... 

                     from me.
My uninvited guest, I think it was looking for Little Miss Muffet and a tuffet. Perhaps it will find her another day.

My uninvited guest, I think it was looking for Little Miss Muffet and a tuffet. Perhaps it will find her another day.