Bad News Turns to Good News

A few weeks ago my husband and I decided to replace our kitchen sink and faucet. This sink was ten years old, it was chipped and scratched, the faucet was wobbly (tightening did not help). Plus a little updating was due. After talking with the salesman at the store, we purchased a black composite granite sink and a new faucet.

Now we need someone to install our new items. Unfortunately the plumber is busy and we will need to wait three weeks. We are patient, so we wait.

The day dawned for the new sink installation. I am in St. Louis to deliver my father-in-law to the airport when my phone rings. I hear, “The sink doesn’t fit into our opening.” While my husband is relaying this message, I am trying to navigate the correct lane entering the airport and understand what this means. My husband continues, “However, the plumber can grind off the clips and make it fit.” That’s good news, I think, but then it gets even better. “He won’t be able to finish the installation until Friday.”

This conversation occurred on a Tuesday. There is no running water in the kitchen for at least three days? Hmmm, how will this work? I guess we will have to eat out for the next few days. If I hadn’t been driving, I’d have done a happy dance.

Yes, it was a bit inconvenient not to have running water in the kitchen available 24/7, but a few steps away there was a bathroom. I could still make coffee in the morning, I just stepped outside to pour the final drops in the yard.

Friday came and the new sink was installed. I tried to convince the plumber and my husband that the caulking would need at least forty-eight hours to cure. It only required four hours (according to the plumber, but I was willing to wait and make sure it was totally dried). 😦

I am back preparing dinner. However, another issue has cropped up with the new faucet. The previous faucet’s lever was in the center. The new faucet’s lever is on the right. I am left handed. I must retrain myself on how to turn on the water. (And another first world problem surfaced.)

Now my husband wants to redo the finish on our kitchen cabinets. I’m thinking that cooking is not an option during this period. 🙂

The new sink and faucet installed!

The new sink and faucet installed!