Celebration Time

All conditions were perfect. The temperature was not cold, nor was it hot, just perfect. The wind was nonexistent. The day had no demands on my time. I had no excuse not to take my bike out for the first time this year. As I pedaled away from the house, I worried if my body would be up to the challenge. Thank goodness for lower gears to help me climb the inclines. I eagerly surveyed the landscape, looking to see what had changed in the last few months. I noticed a house for sale, but not much else had changed. There was one corner that I had to check out. This photo is from last April. A few weeks later, the fence disappeared. Then the house was taken apart and it too disappeared. I wondered if the daffodils would reappear or had they been bulldozed away?

These poor blossoms looked like they were in jail, looking for a way to escape.

These poor blossoms looked like they were in jail, looking for a way to escape.

I got my answer.

No more chain link to hold these flowers back.

No more chain link to hold these flowers back.

Mindlessly pedaling down a connecting road, something moved into my right peripheral view. Before I could even pause to grab my camera, a deer bounded gracefully over the barbed wire fence, hooves clattered on the blacktop road, and she disappeared into the woods to my left. The sighting was so brief, but it created a movie in my mind that I replay.

Hopefully, conditions will be perfect again and I will pedal on. Perhaps my deer will pause and allow me to take a photo of her.

11 thoughts on “Celebration Time

  1. It was such beautiful weather to be outdoors. Glad you put yourself out there. The first ride of spring is always the hardest (getting back out there and getting your muscles going). Love the pleasant surprises you found on your ride.

    Flowers are budding here, and I marvel at their growth each day.


  2. Yesterday would have been a lovely day for a bike ride. I am anxious to get my bike out soon. I will need to remember to focus on the small wonders around me when I take that first ride. Your pictures of daffodils made me smile.

  3. Yea, spring! My son had his bike out for the first time this year too. He’s rusty and wants to ditch the training wheels. I love your photo tour! The daffodils look healthier and free! Love this post 🙂

  4. Ramona says:

    A deer sighting, my students loved the deer stories from 2013 slices, I think Linda had one. We learned the word berm from her story. The hooves clattering on the blacktop road – love that sound! I bet you were a bit startled. So glad to see the daffodils are liberated this spring.

  5. Hooray for the daffodils. Arvie and I used to love driving the country roads & sometimes find a clump of spring bulbs-daffodils or tulips where we could imagine someone planted (and lived) here a long time ago. Only the flowers, as you’ve described, continued. Glad you had your first bike ride, Elsie! Happy Easter!

  6. Kathy Douglas says:

    I can’t wait to get my bike out for the Soring/Summer! Still a little cool here in northern Indians. Loved the idea of taking your camera on bike trips. I got a little taste of what’s coming from your bog. Thanks for sharing.

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