First World Problems Continue

Previously I wrote about a few issues that are considered first world problems. I share a few more today.

Ouch! Sharp stabbing pain pierces my back. I reach behind me, readjust the pillow, lean back, and ouch! again stabbing pain. Repeat previous procedure several more times. Thoroughly frustrated I pull the offending pillow out from behind me. I begin the search for that minuscule needle sharp feather. Aha! I found you! The offending feather is plucked from the pillow. The rest of the feathers get a fluffing before the pillow is positioned behind my back. I am concerned that by removing the errant feather, I will eventually have no feathers inside. I have tried poking the feather back, (while most of it is inside the pillow) but it just doesn’t work.

Half off all jeans the sign proclaimed. Good, I need a new pair, so the purchase is made. They are a darker blue than I’ve had before, so they are washed before wearning. I wear the new pair, love the new pair! What’s that? My light colored leather seat is turning blue. I return to the store with my tale of blue leather that is not supposed to be blue. Soak them in salt water the manager of the store advises me. Jeans are soaked in salt water for twenty-four hours. The leather is still turning blue. Sadly the jeans are returned. Now I have a black pair of jeans. I wonder, will my leather turn black?

We have two cars, one is keyless. Keyless is a lovely feature because you don’t have to get a key out to open doors or even start the car. You just need to be near the car and the doors unlock automatically. The problem arises when you have been driving the keyless car, those features become automatic actions. So why is the door not unlocking? Oh, that’s right, this car uses a key. I search through my purse to find the key so that I can get in. How annoying!

Once inside (whatever car) there is the issue of syncing your phone to the bluetooth system. I always forget until someone calls while I am driving and I discover that my phone is not the current phone on the bluetooth system. Why can’t the car manufacturers figure out how to make the system recognize the phone that is in the car?

So what first world problems have you had to deal with lately? By the way, my chair has been sinking as I’ve been typing.

20 thoughts on “First World Problems Continue

  1. Thanks for making me laugh. We are so lucky. I sometimes catch myself and have to laugh at what I think is a problem- my electric toothbrush is dead, I can’t decide which pair of shoes matches better, or my television remote needs new batteries (imagine how horrible it would be to have to get up to change the channel).

    Your chair made me laugh too. At my interview the other day, my chair was too high, and I couldn’t figure out how to lower it. It took me several minutes trying to follow their instructions to lower the chair- it was embarrassing, but it lightened the mood.

  2. My mom has a keyless car and when I go home and drive it, it freaks me out! I guess if I drove it all the time, I’d be used to it, but as it is, it’s just weird!

  3. shaggerspicchu says:

    Oh those first world problems. I am planning my yearly trip back to Canada and to think I HAVE to take 8 airplanes this summer just to fit everyone in. UGH. 8 airplanes, how inconvenient 😉

  4. I bought fancy cupcakes (like salted caramel, Andes mint, Easter egg topped). When I got in my car the corner of my box poked me in the forehead. I have a bruise.

    I have to answer every question right away. It stops conversations. It solves technology. It makes me dependent on Google to solve all my problems.

    Technology keeps me awake. The lights, the beeps, the compulsion to answer irrelevant questions.

    Our new gaming system has so many buttons on it that I just cannot figure it out.

    I don’t like the way the bluetooth receiver fits my ear.

    I lost my earbuds on the plane.

    I don’t like having to take off the little knob on my Lifeproof case.

    I couldn’t remember if I pressed the button on the garage door.

    The time on the microwave does not match the time on the weather station. It loses time over time.

    Oh yeah…there’s the sleep thing…walking away from glowing device…will not pick up another one and make it glow…time for bed.

    This was fun. What a great idea for a post!

  5. Ah, it’s all about perspective isn’t it? I had a conversation with a coworker today about a frustration we shared. It occurred to me as we talked that it could be so much worse. It may sound odd, but I’m glad to have the problems I have. I’m pretty lucky!

  6. My issue with keyless car:
    I forget and take the key in the house with me. Then when I go out to start the car it won’t start. Reason: key was left in the house or jacket pocket or purse!! Ugh!

  7. Such a list of nuisances (what is the plural for nuisance, anyway?) Put into the perspective of “First World” bothers well it is downright embarrassing. Years ago before a presentation about Haiti, I yearned for an automatic kitty litter box. Following my education, I felt filled with shame. I never bought one. It is a symbol of excess for me. I am SO grateful for this post.

  8. Your post certainly puts things into perspective. I hope your leather seats aren’t ruined – that would be awful! So much for the excitement of half price jeans!

  9. Judy C. says:

    Aren’t we fortunate to only have sinking chairs, poking feathers, colored leather, key or not? While our problems are troubling and frustrating, there are so many who don’t have a chair, pillow, or car. Thanks for sharing your “problems” – it was a good way to end my day.

  10. The sinking chair…I identify with that one. I just got some new technology in my classroom and I need some time off to play with it til I learn to use all it’s amazing features. I know there are teachers in other countries who would be happy just to have books, paper and pencils.

  11. The images of you plucking feathers from a pillow and sitting on a sinking chair are funny. We have to look at our “big” problems from various perspectives to realize their comparative size to other issues.

  12. “The problem arises when you have been driving the keyless car, those features become automatic actions. So why is the door not unlocking? Oh, that’s right, this car uses a key.” OH yes! I get so frustrated at this one too! I love your first world problems. They crack me up.

  13. Lynn says:

    Thanks for the laugh today Elsie! My world problem today is trying to get the Jimmy John’s site to work so I can place a big order for staff next week! The phone call to the store was . . . well let’s just say . . . not too helpful.

  14. These are so funny (but still annoying). 😉 My first world problems popped up yesterday – I couldn’t find my checkbook, house key, or classroom door key in the morning. I was so annoyed and frustrated. I found them all later in my bag that holds my iPad. I’m thinking I should have felt lucky I have a checkbook and can afford to pay my bills, that I have a key that unlocks a house that keeps me dry, warm, or cool, and that I have a job I love in a beautiful school and a spacious classroom that has a door I need to unlock. 😉 AND I have an iPad. Ha.

  15. I can relate to some of your ‘world problems’….but today I am upset that I did not cut my flowers and bring them into my warm house…as this morning their little heads were bowed into the ice and snow, frozen solid. Happy Spring! 🙂

  16. Black and blue…hmm…I get a few spots like that from time to time. One of my major problems is should I do something constructive or go out for the day. I guess my answer depends on the weather.

  17. We certainly have the luxury to complain about the smallest things, I know. I guess mine is not having enough time to read all the books I own, and then I think how silly. Some people don’t have the possibility of owning one, so I begin by donating a bunch that while they look great, I’m sure I’ll never read them. At least someone else can give them some love.

  18. My dogs have better health care than most of the world.This idea pops up from time to time. Their vet probably knows them better than my doctor knows me. I’m awaiting results for Fiona’s urinalysis, worried the vet will say she’s an old dog in kidney failure. Fiona came from rescue ( another first world idea) If she lived in most places in the world, she’d never have made it to 13. But she did and she’s here and she’s mine, so she gets the best care I can give her.

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