How to Create a Sunroom

The sun shines brightly, but the air bites me when I step outside. My inner cat seeks the spot of sunshine to savor to warmth.

If only I could step out onto the patio in a glass encased room. I imagine the rays of sun captured by the glass, warming me through to my bones as I sit and read. But there is no such room at my house. Sigh . . . Perhaps I can simulate this room that I desire.

I assess my needs, they are few:

  • comfortable seating
  • glass surrounding me on all sides
  • glass above my head
  • sunshine

There is full sun on the driveway. Check. My car has a sunroof, sun above. Check. Glass on all sides, windows all around. Check. Leather seats that recline, very comfortable. Check. All requirements are met if I back the car out of my garage and sit in the driveway.

The first few moments are a little cool. Quickly the sun gets to work, warming the air and me. Internally, I am purring with delight as I read and soak up the warmth of the sun’s rays. Eventually I have to crack the door open, as it is too warm. Only a few minutes later, I can close the door and resume my basking in the sunshine. Now this is the way to spend an afternoon in my portable sun room.