Happy New Year!

A sigh of relief, I made it through another March challenge. Each year I wonder, will I be able to find something to write about e-v-e-r-y day? How can I find a topic that is new? Is this interesting? Will anyone come to read? How long can I keep doing this?

I looked back over my posts from this month and I discovered a few things. I return to familiar writing territories,¬†such as: food (breakfast, Rueben, Ham Salad, pizza), shopping experiences (books, Sam’s), very trivial things (emails, 1st world problems, my space at conference, scarves). Mostly my format is narrative, but occasionally I create a poem with book titles, inspired by nature, or attempting a rhyme. Most posts contain a picture or two. My camera or phone is a form of a notebook, preserving a moment to put into words.

I’ve been inspired by so many of you and your stories. I never know if I will need a tissue to wipe a tear or pick myself off the floor from laughing. “Writing is data with a soul,” says Brene Brown. How true this is! We have created a lot of data this month.

Thank you for every comment. Your words mean the world to me. Comments are the sweet frosting on top of the cake.

I feel like a year of blogging ends at the end of March. April brings a new year of writing. Every year there are new writers to follow. It’s a new beginning. If I can do thirty-one days, I can do four a month. You can too! So Happy New Year to blogging the slices of our lives. Elsie will continue to write and read. Will you?



15 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Love your reflection…it’s interesting looking back at the kinds of writing and topics we write about during the month of March. Love this line: “Comments are the sweet frosting on top of the cake.” I agree!

  2. The icing on the cake! Great analogy! The comments really are and you are a pro at them! Looking back at all the topics is a trip in itself. I love how you say it’s like new year! So true!!!

  3. Judy C. says:

    A new beginning and you have kicked it off with a flurry of words. You have inspired many with your slices and pictures and all the comments you leave. Thanks for being so dedicated. I look forward to spending Tuesdays with you.

  4. Happy New Year to you as well. I have been doing this for less than a year, but I know I will continue. I like your “sweet frosting on the cake” metaphor. How true. I look forward to reading comments as well as posting comments to others.

  5. b says:

    It is like Happy New Year — that’s so right, Elsie! Now that I’m back in the habit of writing regularly it is my goal to stick with it this year. So, that’s my new year’s resolution ;). To come hang out every Tuesday. See you here!

  6. It’s a lovely ‘wrap’, Elsie. It will be interesting to see who stays. I love the quote about data with soul-lovely to contemplate. Have a great rest of the week! I’m off to Poetry Month!

  7. I was suprised at the variety of my topics. I was perhaps desperate on days (I write about toilets), but then I read other posts and realized that I will never run out of ideas. You, too, are inspiring me and others with your ideas, so I’m happy to know that you will continue. I plan to also, and I’m thinking (and hoping) that today will actually be the most difficult Tuesday. Happy New Year!

  8. The tone of this post is so uplifting. I love this, “Writing is data but with soul.” April is a New Year. Somehow I too feel renewed as a writer. Happy New Year!

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