At Sam’s

One day I was an early shopper at Sam’s Club. I walked to the usual door, my mind counting the items to pick up and I stopped dead. The door didn’t open. Only then did I notice the exit door had a sign welcoming early shoppers at that door. I trudged to that door, picked up a cart and rolled into the store.

Once inside, I noticed a table with coffee pots. Hmmm, I wondered, if those were for me? I didn’t investigate, but filed that note away in the recesses of my mind (hopefully I will be able to pull it out when I need it).

Still checking on my mental list, I wandered past the book section. They have Divergent and it is pretty cheap, so I added this item to my cart. (After all, I am on summer vacation, it’s time to catch up on some reading. 🙂 )

My list was complete and I stopped at the first self-check out lane. I swiped my card, it didn’t read it. I swipe slower, it didn’t read it. One more time, with my eyes narrowed, and aggravation building, it decides I am legit and it welcomed me. Ha! Some welcome!

There is a girl patrolling the self-check stands who wandered by my cart. She checked out my items and noted the Divergent book. “Oh you are going to read it before seeing the movie?” she inquired. Before I can respond she continued on, “I did that with the Hunger Games. I didn’t even know there was a book of Divergent.” I am thinking, Really, you didn’t know it was a book first? Do you live under a rock?

Meanwhile during this exchange, all my items are scanned, I slide the credit card and receive a message I’ve never gotten before. You have a chip in your credit card, use the reader under the credit card reader to complete your transaction. What? I always use the same credit card, what’s going on? It also said, Touch help if you need assistance.

I don’t need to ask for assistance, the help is standing right next to me exclaiming she has no idea what this is talking about. I discovered a slot under the card reader and it seemed to work because the receipt  printed.

“Huh, learn something new every day,” the girl announced. I mentally thought, You learned two new things today.



13 thoughts on “At Sam’s

  1. Divergent was one of my guilty pleasure reads… I actually looooved it. You told this story so well! I could feel your frustration with the entire situation.
    Thank you for everything this month–I’ll miss you and your comments!

  2. b says:

    This piece also made me chuckle. The things people say, huh? You recounted the event so well. 🙂

    Elsie, thank you for your constant encouragement this month through your ever-insightful comments. I learned so much from you…as always. Best…..b

  3. This made me chuckle. I have encountered cashiers who couldn’t figure out how much change to give me unless the register told them. If I gave them some change so I wouldn’t get a bunch of nickles and pennies after they hit their enter key this really threw them for a loop.

    Elsie, thank you for your comments and encouragement throughout the month. I appreciate. You gave me ideas when my writing well was just about empty so that i could complete this challenge. I wasn’t sure I could do it. I now am looking forward to the weekly posts. Bob

  4. Your ending made me chuckle….yes she did learn two things. She needs to take a lesson from Maxine…she made sure she learned something new every day…even after she turned 90. I have enjoyed reading your posts and comments and hope to continue (and follow through) on the Tuesdays. It is a great community of writers.

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