Breakfast Out

Sunday evening, my husband and I realized that we didn’t have to be anywhere on Monday. That realization brought big smiles to our faces. “You want to go out for breakfast?” he asked me.

“Definitely!” I responded.

There’s a little breakfast/lunch place that we love to visit. Some would refer to it as “a hole in the wall” kind of place. Weekends are crazy busy there. People wait for an hour to get in and have a bit of comfort breakfast food.

On Monday there is no wait, we have our choice in seating. I chose the booth (wrong choice for me, read on for reason). We settle in, coffee comes quickly. I notice my usual choice is the special today, $1 off. I am tempted by the cinnamon swirled French toast, but stay with my usual. Two eggs over easy, sausage links, hash browns, plus a biscuit smothered in white sausage gravy will fill me up until dinnertime.

As we wait, sipping coffee, I notice there is a cold draft blowing on my right leg. I reach down to check if it is true or am I imagining. Yes, there is a definite draft blowing. I tell my husband about this cold air, he feels nothing. Maybe it is a draft from the windows at the booth behind me. Must be, I figure. This is an old building.

My food arrives, eating distracts me from the uncomfortable feeling from the cold draft. Once I finish, I am again noticing this cold air. I move over on the booth seat. It’s a little better. Wait, the air is following me. I move over more, if I move again I will be sitting on the floor.

My husband looks under the table. There is a vent on the floor, next to the wall. Someone has placed a magazine over the vent to block the air flow. It has been shifted, allowing air to escape. Apparently they did not like the arctic blast blowing against their leg either. With my toe, I readjust the magazine. The polar blast subsided. I sure wish I’d figured this out earlier. Next time I won’t select this booth, but if there is cold air blowing, I will look for the source rather than endure it.

photo 2 (6)

Gailey’s, where we love to go for breakfast.

19 thoughts on “Breakfast Out

  1. Ooooooh!! Can I say JEALOUS. I love breakfast out – but I love the idea of not having anything to do on a Monday morning even more. A delicious slice into your wonderful morning. Thanks Elsie!

  2. I was totally distracted by that delicious breakfast you described…that’s the second breakfast over which I’ve had envy, Elsie – it’s a sad world I live in, where breakfast is a granola bar on the way to work!

  3. I love “hole in the wall’ restaurants. I think it funny that someone else had put a magazine over the vent to stop the arctic blast. Did it just happen that day? Does the restaurant owner know about it? Kind of reminds me how people sometimes put sugar packs under a table leg if the table wobbles. Problem solved!

  4. Tam says:

    Picture is from out of the past! Yes, one has to relish her food without any annoyances. I am pickier now where I sit in restaurants.

  5. Breakfast out is a treat. Lunch out is a treat. Dinner out is a treat. Is there a trend here. Glad you and your husband had an enjoyable, if drafty, breakfast. At least the draft didn’t cool off the food.

  6. It’s such fun to “know” those kinds of places, Elsie. When traveling, we’d find the little towns & search for the full parking lots, knowing that was the place to be. Sorry about the draft, sounds like lesson learned!

  7. Looks like a great breakfast place! I was right there with you. I feel like I always am sitting where there is a draft of air that my husband can’t feel. Isn’t it funny that we sit and endure something and wait until the end to do something about it- I do the same. One day I will learn my lesson.

  8. I love going out for breakfast, too. Your story reminded me of the sorts of places we ate when I was a kid. We didn’t eat out much, usually when we were on vacation, and always in mom & pop places like this. I had a flashback to the kind of linoleum there might be on the floor.

  9. Love the picture. !t looks just like one of our “hole in the wall” places. The problem with those old places is not just the long lines on the weekends but poor climate control! Great slice!

  10. Ramona says:

    Gailey’s reminds me of Chace’s, my favorite breakfast spot. It specializes in comfort breakfast food too. Wish you had solved that problem a bit sooner for a warmer experience.

  11. Looks like a delightful spot – sorry the arctic blast followed you there. But you did say that the good food distracted you from thinking of the cold. Glad your meal wasn’t overshadowed by that. Yum!

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