“If I get a pizza for dinner, could I put it in the refrigerator of the kitchen, so I will have my lunch for tomorrow?” I asked the girl at the motel registration desk.

“No problem, we can do that,” she responded back to me.

“If I order a small pizza, will I have enough to make a lunch tomorrow?” I ask the waitress in the pizza place.

“Absolutely, you will have plenty for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow,” is the response to my question.

The pizza is delicious! I smile when I think of my lunch tomorrow. Once I return to the motel, I hand over the pizza leftovers to the desk clerk. She labels the outside with my room number. Casually I think to myself that is probably not necessary. After all, how many guests make a request like this? I head to my room where I spend the evening reading slices and commenting.

The next morning, I wander down for breakfast. As I am eating, I am keeping an eye out for the person who can retrieve my pizza before I return to my room. Breakfast is finished, no person around. The door is open to the kitchen (labeled Employees Only), but I quickly pop in to grab my pizza. Hmmm, no pizza in the fridge. I step out quickly, I don’t want to look through the other appliances there.

I approach the desk and explain that they have my pizza in their fridge, could she get it for me? Sure, no problem. I follow her to the kitchen, she looks in the fridge. She looks at me puzzled. Then her face changes, she heads back to the desk. I’m thinking this is not a good sign. She hands me a card and says, “There was a little mix up last night.”

I open the card to read: “Your pizza was mistakenly taken for an associate treat. Please accept my apology. Very embarrassed.” It was signed by the employee and there was a twenty dollar bill inside.

I handed the money back to the girl and told her to return the money. She apologized profusely, I assured her it was no big deal.

Inside, I was extremely disappointed that my lunch was consumed by someone other than me. But I also had to laugh, I’m sure this lady was horrified by what she had done. Perhaps she will look a little closer at the food in the fridge next time.

24 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. You are a trooper, Elsie. I guess there were no refrigerators in the room, and am sure that employee was mortified. Kind to return the money & I bet she appreciated that. Funny how those kinds of stories actually create the stories of our lives, don’t they?

  2. b says:

    That is a crushing blow (I know, I know, first-world problem) — but I get it, I would’ve been disappointed too. You were so gracious to return the money. Next time, a box of granola bars and some Jiff-to-go’s will line your suitcase! 🙂 b

  3. I’d be so mad too!!! I love how you set us up for your enjoying your little reward to self, only to be let down like that. At least they left money for it and not just a mystery pizza theft. Great slice! Sorry they ate all yours 😦

  4. This is a hilarious post, Elsie! Can you imagine finding out that you ate a stranger’s leftovers, even if it is pizza?!?! I think that you could write another post from the worker’s perspective!!! I hope that you treated yourself to a great lunch…

  5. I am picturing the employee, opening the refrigerator, seeing the “associate treat” and devouring it. She accepted responsibility and I bet she was very embarrassed! Now I want pizza for lunch. If II order it, I will share it with you. Then rest assured I will put the left overs securely in my own refrigerator. 🙂

  6. This reminds me of food that is left in the teacher’s lounge fridge at my school – things always seem to disappear – but no one is so kind enough to leave a note – or, heaven forbid – money and an apology. Sorry you lost your slice!!!

  7. Tam says:

    I thought at first, “What a great idea.” Then when you couldn’t find it, I thought, “Yep, small snacks put in a shared frig are a temptation.” Nice of you to return the money. She was more than sorry. It was a good story.

  8. At least the guilty party left money. Often food just disappears. I am not surprised you returned the money though…no matter how disappointed you were, it sounded like an honest mistake. And…it was a good topic for your blog!

  9. How disappointing! This kind of sounds like food in the faculty room. If it is there, it is up for grabs. I know, I lost a slice of lemon sponge cake that way.Salad bar is no replacement when your heart is set on pizza.

  10. Ramona says:

    I was hoping you had time to pick up a sandwich somewhere before heading off to school. Apparently not! You handled this situation with grace, how kind of you to laugh! Communal fridges have many stories to tell.

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