Now the Work Begins

Yesterday I celebrated the fact that I am officially starting my summer vacation period. (Sorry, I don’t mean to rub it in to all of you still facing 9+ weeks in the school year.) I have fulfilled my scheduled days of working in schools for this year. (Let’s face it, you don’t want/need PD in the last quarter of the year.)

However, that does not mean I will not be working. I just won’t be working and getting a paycheck. My husband would be quick to inform you that my office is a disaster. I can’t argue that he is not correct.

I come home from one school, set their papers aside and immediately plunge into preparation for the next school. Somehow the piles have grown and been pushed from one side of the room to the other.

This may not look like much, but each folder has 5 sections and there are papers in each section.

This may not look like much, but each folder has 5 sections and there are papers in each section.

Now, I have time to sort, file, toss, and/or reorganize the massive amounts of papers and books I have accumulated throughout the year. Vacation fun won’t begin until the piles have been tamed and put back into their places. The up side is I can attack this task leisurely, no pressure to be finished in a day or even a week.

Once this task is put to bed, my vacation will start. I may dig out my beads and begin to play with creating a mess of a different type. Or perhaps I will find my stamping materials to create a year of cards. I could begin to read some of the books that I’ve been stacking on my credenza (if the sun shines warms the patio, this will be my first choice). Oh the possibilities multiply, but first I must tackle the paper. (I am not a procrastinator!)

22 thoughts on “Now the Work Begins

  1. Tame those piles, Elsie! How lovely to have the fourth quarter off, but how wise of your district–productivity and ability to integrate new learning is definitely not as high! Enjoy your time–I’m hoping for sun and warmth so you sit and read some books from your credenza!

  2. You strike me as the type to not procrastinate. I wish that were me! We did set the date to open the pool so that at least makes it seem like it is closer! Enjoy!

  3. b says:

    Love your details in this slice — taming the files, experimenting with double-negatives to drive home an idea, etc. Put on some engaging music you can sing along to, make a pot of coffee, and sort a little bit each day. The time will speed by; you’ll be done and ready to play! Good luck! 🙂 b

  4. First off, I cannot wait until I am feeling how you are feeling right now. I am more than a little jealous and beyond excited for the end of APs (and basically the end of my high school career) come mid-May. Have a great summer vacation!!
    Second of all, good luck with your organization! Feeling organized always makes me feel as though I have my life completely under control.

  5. Judy C. says:

    Isn’t retirement a joy? It is so nice to be able to take each day and do what we want. But I do like to keep things organized and don’t like to put it off until later – that is unless a book, or card making, or scraping calls my name. Happy vacation.

  6. How nice to be beginning your summer vacation…even though you have piles of papers to sort…at least it will be a no pressure job. My friend gave me two stamps on Friday when we met for lunch. She makes cards, too. I do not…not that kind. But I admire those who do. And it sounds like you do some beading work too! So busy…but do take time for those books when the sun is shining on the patio. 🙂

  7. Yay for vacation! Getting your work organized will feel so good!! I usually stay really late, at school, on the Friday night when spring break starts. It just helps me really embrace the break if I walk away with everything in order for my return a week later. Sometimes it is worth it to put in the time just to know that all is back as it should be. And, with such a fun, rewarding list lying in front of you to enjoy after the papers are organized, I am sure getting the work out of the way will happen quickly! 🙂

  8. Good luck in your organizing. I have boxes that I brought home last June when I retired. I do plan to organize them…some day. I am a procrastinator.

  9. Jaana says:

    Perhaps I should invite Elsie, and others who enjoy organizing papers, to visit me during their vacation. Happy vacation Elsie! Don’t forget to relax with a good book or two and enjoy the sunshine when it visits!

  10. I need to “finish” things too before vacation really begins, but don’t get caught up in that word ‘leisurely” Elsie. Reading books will call you out of the office! Have a happy week at home!

  11. You are smart to organize before vacation. I recently reached a file named ‘to be sorted later’, I didn’t have to sort anything, I recycled everything.

  12. Ahh yes, vacation more than before 🙂 Funny, I don’t have too much desk mess anymore, in fact I don’t really use a desk anymore now that I have my trusty laptop.
    You will feel so good when you are done 🙂

  13. What a wonderful time for you — the gift of organization which allows you to enjoy the gift of vacation. Each summer, those two have to happen in that order for me to truly appreciate the vacation. Enjoy!!

  14. So exciting! Congratulations! I work in a district office, so I have that same paper problem. Visit a school, stack papers, do a project, stack papers, buy some books, stack papers. Good thing we’re approaching the end of the school year. Soon I’ll be buried.

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