Evolution of a Name

I thought I’d covered the topic of the name but then I thought perhaps I should explain the evolution of the name elsie.

As I explained in my previous post, my initials are LC. That is how I signed all my notes to teachers at school (when I was a full time Reading Recovery/Title 1 teacher). My friends picked up on the initials and began calling me LC (but now that I think about it maybe they were calling me Elsie, which of course

Isn't she sweet looking? I don't resemble her in the least.

Isn’t she sweet looking? I don’t resemble her in the least.

brings to my mind Elsie, Borden’s cow mascot. I’ve included an image for you young one who don’t have the background knowledge for the name.) So when I decided to join the blogging/publishing world I had a name but yet it wasn’t my name.

I thought of myself as very clever. I was just like Mark Twain, Ann Landers, and even Dr. Seuss. I had a pseudonym, a pen name, or I prefer to call it, nom de plume. (I think I am channeling a little Fancy Nancy here.) But it wasn’t enough to have a pseudonym, I had to make it my own. I decided that I always admired e. e. cummings bucking the system with his lower case letters. Plus I hate having to hit the shift key to make a capital. It was easier and faster to just type elsie. Remember my name that I’ve been writing for multiple decades requires two capital letters. It is not quick name to type. So I figure I’m entitled to a lower case name. I know some of you are thinking, I’ve seen it with a capital e.  I didn’t capitalize it, auto correct did that. I just leave it because it would take more effort to undo, and I have other things to do that are more pressing, like writing this post.

19 thoughts on “Evolution of a Name

  1. I am waiting in a doctor’s office reading your post and had to stifle my laughter reading your picture capture. Tim is next to me, asked “What?” I just love you fun with words. Of course, elsie, you are much cuter!!

  2. reading your slices is like having a nice conversation with you. You are inspiring me to just write about some simple topics. Simple topics make great slices.

  3. Jaana says:

    Whether you are elsie or LC, I will always think of your initials meaning loving and caring; you have always been that when you have stopped by my blog!

  4. I’m not familiar with the four-legged Elsie, but I love the story of elsie. I always enjoy hearing the backstory of a name, even a made up one! There isn’t anything too creative about my name…but I do have my own song. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Rockin’ Robin! 🙂

  5. Tam says:

    Actually, being old enough, I think of Elsie, Borden’s cow (pretty classy I’d say), but didn’t want to bring that up. I got in trouble once commenting on that name, but I just have this picture in the back of mind! Imprinted for life thanks to Borden’s! Anyway, Elsie brings good thoughts to mind.

  6. The cow was not part of my schema, elsie sounds like a princess name to me. It sounds much better than grade4wizard that I used when I started blogging.

  7. Ah ha…the lower case e is intentional, I was beginning to wonder…. you have come to own that nom de plume, and I have enjoyed learning about how it came to be.

  8. How cool…you are always full of clever ways to put things…and now I learn about elsie. (I do remember the cow). I had thought at one time to have a nom de plume…Kay Poe which is from capo…which I use on the guitar to change keys. I always enjoy your posts.

  9. As I read I thought, ohhh! I get it. I am one of those double names. I put it together when I went to college. I hated having to always correct people who called me Julie. And, I couldn’t agree more about the upper case shifting, elsie (LC).
    Thanks for explaining,

  10. I of course remember Elsie the cow also…you don’t look like her in the slightest except for the smile! I like the secret of the name for your blog. I’m wondering if I should change mine and get a whole new look. I want to be like LC….no Elsie… yep it is tough to do 2 caps in a row! xo

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