One: Weather cooperated this week. No missed days, so no make-up days to add to the ever growing list of days.

Two: I’ve been away from home for nine days. What a treat it was to enter the house on Tuesday evening (after working all day, followed by a three hour drive home), sniff, and know that something savory was simmering on the stove. My husband (who professes not to be a cook) found a spicy Italian soup in a magazine and made it. Plus sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches were waiting on the griddle. Just a bit of warm heaven to my tired hungry body.

Three: Finally, the sun was shining and a bluebird came to check out the holly shrub. My camera was ready, I positioned it between the slats of the blinds, zoomed in, snap.

Just seeing these birds makes me smile. This fellow seems a bit camera shy.

Just seeing these birds makes me smile. This fellow seems a bit camera shy.

I hope your week was filled with celebrations.


10 thoughts on “Celebrate

  1. Tam says:

    The best celebration to me was coming home with a home cooked soup and fresh bread sandwiches! Of course, good weather and a new bird is always welcome! Always the little things make the best celebrations!

  2. Ramona says:

    Savoring soup on a cold winter day – there’s nothing better to come home to. Kudos to your husband for that bit of warm heaven. I love the bluebird shot. Makes me think I should try to catch a pic of our hummingbirds someday.

  3. Ooh…that blue sky behind your bird and reflected on his feathers looks…Springlike? But that may be wishful thinking, right?! Loved #2, though – what a wonderful welcome home!

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