Celebration Saturday

Another Saturday rolls around and it’s time to  take inventory on celebratory moments of the week.

Snow and bitter temperatures were predicted for Sunday. That was to be my travel day to head towards St. Louis for work during the first full week of January. Fortunately, my father-in-law lives outside of St. Louis, so my husband insisted that I leave Saturday afternoon to avoid any chance of encountering inclement weather. I arrived safely and well ahead of the storm.

The storm arrived during the night. Sunday was spent watching the swirling snow create snow dunes in the yard. I was not surprised when school was cancelled for Monday. It just gave me the opportunity to snuggle down and finish reading my book. Temperatures and road conditions kept us inside for another day, but it also delivered another cancelled day. No school Tuesday either. Mentally I was planning how to revamp my plans for five days down to three days. The text dinged, No school Wednesday. That’s it, I will cancel the rest of the week. It will be much easier to make it up later. Wednesday morning I was headed back home. Lots of semis were stranded in the median, but the road was clear for me.

Thursday brought another round of slippery roads and cold temps. I was glad to be home where I could begin working on future plans.

Later I found out St. Louis did not go back to school all week, so I was a good thing I came home when I did.

Inscription says: Here's to poetry, math, and pie!!  Greg Pincus

Inscription says: Here’s to poetry, math, and pie!!
Greg Pincus

Once again I must celebrate the helpfulness of our neighbor. Our garage door opener stopped working. Our neighbor, Dave, worked with my husband to try to solve the problem but nothing worked. They replaced the unit. It was a quick and easy joy with the help of Dave.

Finally, last week I wrote about my luck in winning a book from Teaching Authors. Today it arrived in the mail. Wow, that was quick! I can’t wait to read this.

Life is full of celebrations, you just have to be on the look out for them. Have a great week!



8 thoughts on “Celebration Saturday

  1. The little things! It’s what makes winter bearable when you like the warmth–celebrate the gifts that come from little things! Celebrate!

  2. That storm certainly put a kink in many people’s lives. I don’t like traveling in snow/ice. I am so glad you made it safely both ways. I am going to have to check out that book…the inscription certainly intrigues me! Have a great week.

  3. What a week of snow and cold you all had-hard to believe! We were just on the edge, got some snow & some drop in temp one night, but that’s about it. It’s nearly 60 here today, so maybe that warmth is coming your way! Hope so! Also happy you got the garage door opener back. Funny how we get so used to things that we can’t live without them when they disappear! Have a better week, Elsie!

  4. Ramona says:

    Hooray for snow days, helpful neighbors, time to read and free books! So glad you traveled in safety this past week. Does this mean you missed your planned visit with a fellow blogger?

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