Sunshine Award

My inbox has been filled with sunshine! Thank you to Robin (Teaching Tomorrow’s Leaders), Betsy (Teaching Young Writers), Linda (Teacher Dance), and Terje (Just for a Month) for the award. I am a bit overwhelmed, but I shall try my best to pass this on and relate some little known facts about myself.

In case you have not seen this on any blog, here are the “official” rules:
Acknowledge the nominating blogger.
 Share 11 random facts about yourself.
 Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
List 11 bloggers.  They should be bloggers you believe deserve recognition and a little blogging love!

Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer and let all the bloggers know they have been nominated. (You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.)
11 random facts:
1. I am the oldest of five children.
2. I worked at Orange Julius during my high school years.
3. Green is my favorite color, especially the bright green that is almost yellow.
4. I don’t eat mushrooms.
5. I fantasize winning the lottery whenever it is huge, but usually don’t even buy a ticket.
6. I played the two largest bells in the church bell choir, even though I don’t really know how to read music.
7. During college I worked at a kiosk called Can Do, I engraved on metal and made keys.
8. I used to have a band saw, power sander, and many other tools for cutting wood.
9. I wonder what job I could do on a cruise ship.
10. I took French for four years in high school and two semesters of college. Unfortunately most of that knowledge is gone.
11. I was on a game show called Dream House with my husband.

I have made the decision (after reading several other blogs, that I will answer a few of the questions from each person nominating me.

From Terje:

How would you describe yourself as a child? An explorer and avid reader

What are you avoiding? Exercise

What are the advantages of getting older? Developing patience, I’m not in such a hurry to speed life along.

From Linda:

If you could eat any dessert, what would it be? This is a hard question, but I think it would be a pie. I seem to love all types of pie. It would be a toss up between coconut cream (whipped cream topping, not meringue) and key lime.

Do you like to travel and stay busy going and going, or travel and relax, read, be still? Explain. Can I say yes? I love, love, love to travel and see new places. I love to explore, but I’m perfectly happy to relax and hang out with a book. Just take me away!

What is a favorite book from childhood?  Why do you believe it’s a favorite? The Five Chinese Brothers by Claire H. Bishop was my favorite book. I think the idea that someone could survive the attempts to kill them fascinated me.

From Betsy

Where did you grow up? I lived in the Chicago area until I was eleven. Then I lived in Houston, Texas for a year, and Kansas City, KS for another year, finally I ended up going to high school in Springfield, MO.

What do you want to be when you “grow up?” Rich would be nice. 🙂

Where would you love to vacation? Right now I’d love a vacation someplace warm, since it is -8 here today. I have a few places on my bucket list: Great Wall of China, Great Barrier Reef, pyramids, cruise down the Amazon, tour Ireland, and spend time in northern Italy are a few of my places to visit.

From Robin:

My OLW for 2014 is light.  Tell about something that brings light into your life? Easy question, my son brings light into my life. I had some dark moments, but in the end he has made me proud of the person he has become.

You sit down at your computer.  What is the first thing you are likely to do?  (Turning it on does not count!) I must check email. Who knows what surprises may show up there.

As a teacher, what part of the school year do you enjoy most? I think I enjoyed the beginning of the year the most because it was a fresh start for me and the kids.
Here is where I will stop following the guidelines. I value all those who stop by to read the latest installment of my life and leave me a message. So if you talk to me through comments, you are nominated. If you would like to answer some questions, see below. I really want to know:
1. Where were you born?
2. Where do you live now?
3. What is your job?
4. What makes you smile?
5. Where can I get the best hamburger in your town?
6. What’s one thing at the top of your bucket list?
7. What is your favorite time of day?
8. If you won the big lottery, what would be your first purchase?
9. What was the biggest change in your life?
10. Do you know anyone famous? Who?
11. What is something you would like to do this year that you’ve not done before?
I wonder, why the number 11? Hmmmm . . .

21 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. Phillip says:

    on a cruise ship you could….oh, play in that famous ‘hand bell’ band all the cruise ships have now days!! Sorry kiddo, I have not seen ONE employee aboard a ship who comes close to being in the baby boom generation. Not even a captain.

  2. I enjoyed reading those random facts and the answers to those questions. I can relate to learning French for many years and now not being able to say or remember much of it! :T I always liked the book, The Five Chinese brothers as well!! I think my answer for #9. What was the biggest change in your life? Packing up my things and moving to Korea, then Singapore! 🙂

  3. It was great to learn a little more about you Elsie…I am also a ‘no mushroom’ person! I love the way you chose to spread the sunshine to everyone! Great idea!

  4. #10. Famous people I know. Elsie (aka LeAnn) and Linda – the queens of commenting!
    #4 Students who are on fire about books make me smile!
    #7 Favorite time of the day – early morning – I can do anything in the morning!
    LeAnn, I loved The Five Chinese Brothers too! A favorite find was locating the version of the book I had loved as a child at a Houston library book sale.

  5. I was nominated too, but I haven’t gotten around to finishing mine. I will have to post it this weekend.

    I laughed about your lottery comment. I’ve been dreaming of winning too. I just bought my first ticket ever last week though. I had to call my boyf to ask how to order the quick pick part so I didn’t sound like a moron (not to mention that I look 12, so I didn’t think they’d sell me a ticket if I was confused).

    I think it would be so fun to be on a cruise ship working. My family has cruised several times, and I always loved seeing the connections/friendships the staff members seemed to create.

    You didn’t meet your husband on the show did you? I’d love to be on a game show. My favorite growing up was the Supermarket Sweep and the $25,000 Pyramid.

    Best hamburger – Booches in Columbia, Missouri

    Hope to see you soon,

  6. Like Nanc, after reading your blog for several years, I kind of feel like I know you. it’s fun to learn all these different facts. Answers to a few questions- I was born in Hinsdale, Illinois, but have lived in Colorado since I was a year old. I love a great burger, probably my favorite dinner, but I have never been to the Cherry Cricket, who supposedly has some of the best burgers in Denver. And I love Coconut Cream Pie, but really prefer meringue.

  7. Ah, Elsie! It’s fun to learn more about you! Congrats on all the nominations — guess, you’re the famous one that I’ve met before (answer to #10)! 🙂

    Also, answer to #4 and #9: my twin daughters! My greatest joy and also the biggest change in my life that is also my biggest challenge! But I wouldn’t change it for the world!

  8. I was born in Greenville, SC. My father was stationed there & he & my mother, + 2 other couples lived in a big house on the beach. Love hearing all about your little bits of life, Elsie. I remember how much we liked Orange Julius when it first opened! Not surprised about the travel at all. I wish you much ‘wandering’ in 2014!

  9. Fun to get to know more about you. My husband doesn’t eat mushrooms now – triggers his gout. Famous person I know…well, I don’t actually know him like hey how about coming over for dinner…but I went to college with Stephen King. That’s pretty neat, huh? And around here, I would trade a good hamburger for the best lobster roll at the Brass Compass – not my town, but we don’t really have a place to eat here that runs year round unless you count the little grocery store by the post office where they do grill up a burger or hot dog.

  10. Judy C. says:

    Thanks for sharing more about yourself – it’s always interesting learning more about people. To answer a few of your questions: What makes me smile? My twin granddaughters. Best place in town to get a hamburger (since I don’t eat hamburgers, I had to ask hubby) The Back Forty. My favorite time of day is the early morning when everything outside is waking up and still quiet in the house. Do I know anyone famous? I once met, shook hands and talked with Walter Peyton – famous Chicago Bears running back.

  11. I enjoyed learning more about you with your random facts, and I’m considering your “invitation” as an opportunity to share this with my students. I think they will love it! I don’t claim to know anyone famous, but when I was in high school, I went to an anti-drug conference where a friend and I talked our way into getting press passes (for our high school newspapers). I got to interview Herve Villachez (of Fantasy Island) and spent the last evening hanging out with kid actors from Different Strokes, several Disney movies, and Knots Landing. Getting the press pass was the best part of the conference!

  12. So much fun to read your post, Elsie – and what’s with mushrooms?! Here’s an answer from me:
    What is something you would like to do this year that you’ve not done before?
    Drive on the highway! Still haven’t been able to crack this one!

  13. It was fun reading your answers. Bright green and no mushrooms – these little random facts can be very memorable.I hope that you get to travel and eat many pies this year.

  14. Jaana says:

    I LOVE bright green as well! Also, your places to travel would all be on my list as well! lived in China, but never saw the Great Wall! I feel that Ireland is calling me….

  15. This was so enjoyable reading this today. After last summer and all your blogs I feel like I could have predicted many of your responses. I love all the exploring you do…on bikes, on ships and when you share what you are learning. Happy New Year love to you L.C.! xo

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