Emails to Celebrate

Sometimes the inbox of your email becomes overwhelming. You just checked and deleted all the junk and five minutes later there’s another fifteen emails that are just an annoyance and needing to be deleted. Occasionally you might find scattered in among the annoying emails a few gems.

Of course, I love to read all the blogs I subscribe to. It is always interesting to read what people I admire are thinking about. Sometimes they even have a book give away! Naturally, being a book lover, I usually enter the give away. I have been lucky a few times to be a winner. And it happened again. Check out what I found in my inbox!

snip 2

Woohoo! It didn’t register with me for a moment, but soon I was celebrating the new book that would be headed my way and signed! I can’t wait to read this!

I’ve dipped my toe into the Twitter world, but still not exactly sure how to navigate and comprehend some of the tweets. Mostly I know how to click on the button that says Follow. So until I find my Twitter tutor, I will continue to follow (or would lurk be a better word choice here? :-)) people I admire. Imagine my surprise shock when I received the email from Twitter that I had a new follower.


I’m thinking she is following everyone who follows her, but nonetheless I feel special.

Finally, this morning I awoke to find an email from someone we met on our cruise last summer. Serendipity came into play when we met Larry and Marina. On the first night of the cruise we were seated next to this couple at a table of eight. We learned they were from Canada. I discovered that Marina was a retired kindergarten teacher. Through the conversations we learned that they were members of the faith I was raised in. Then we discovered they went to a church related college that my cousin attended. Finally the biggest surprise is, they were at the college the same time as my cousin. They had vague recollections of my cousin. There were at least 2,200 people on the boat, what are the chances that we would meet? We continued to meet up with Larry and Marina throughout the cruise, sharing more meals and trivia challenges.

Guess who we met as we sat in the London airport waiting for our plane? At this time Marina took down my email address. Once we were home, I looked for an email from them, but none showed up until today. I celebrate the connection we made, now I will respond to them and who knows, perhaps we will be on another trip together. Or even better, we will drive to Canada and we will have a tour guide to help us explore a country I’ve wanted to visit.

Marina and Larry, an incredible connection made with these two.

Marina and Larry, an incredible connection made with these two.

Emails can be a source of aggravation, but they also hold excitement when there are connections to others in the world.


12 thoughts on “Emails to Celebrate

  1. Hmmm. I think I might be deleting too fast. Congrats on your connections! I am not new to Twitter but my primary love in FB. There are lots of tutorials for Twitter. I’ll check some out for you.

  2. I never enter those contests, but I will now. Sounds like you have some serious luck/serendipity coming your way. Buy a lottery ticket!

    I would die if an author was following me- regardless of the reason. Very cool.

    I have met Rafe Esquith (Teach Like Your Hair is on Fire author and teacher) and email/call him from time to time. I always include/say, “This is Jen from St. Louis.”

    We’ve talked enough that he knows who I am. It’s still surreal.

    Glad you had so much to celebrate this week.

    Hope to see you this week,

  3. Jaana says:

    I love getting these wonderful surprises! I had an e-mail from someone that I knew over 20 years when I was living in Taiwan. Talk about surprise connections! Happy connecting–on twitter too!

  4. I had been quite leery about Twitter, hung around awhile, and now I think I am addicted. I still more lurking than tweeting but even that is fun. You had told me before that we share the same name and I had forgotten that until I read the picture of your email! Have a great week!

  5. All very fun to see, Elsie. I’ve won a few books too, and always lovely seeing that e-mail. I love hearing the story about the couple you met-until we start talking, we never know who we might meet! Have a good week!

  6. Ramona says:

    A wonderful celebration! I’m sure Jane Yolen will get some new followers today. It is fun to discover the occasional note from a real person in the in box!

  7. Tara Smith says:

    That inbox was certainly full of celebrations, Elsie – each one would have made my heart skip, too…especially the one from Jane Yolen.

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