Yesterday: The morning was spent running handouts for my work the first two weeks of January. This was followed by a quick trip to the grocery store to collect perishable items needed in the next few days. The evening was spent with the girlfriends exchanging gifts, consuming a vegetable bisque, and perhaps a fun martini.

Today: Food preparation is top priority today. Two desserts, one salad, one brisket, and a cheese dip in preparation for tomorrow’s dinner. For tonight I must prepare a loaded baked potato soup, a vegetable soup, and a cheddar jalapeno quick bread. My father-in-law and his girlfriend arrive shortly after lunch. My son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter will be arriving around seven this evening. It is a frosty day outside, but the welcome inside will be warm.

Tomorrow: Another day of feasting ahead! My brother, his family, and my mom will join us for a Christmas Day dinner. I know the day will bring many smiles. We will savor this time spent with our family.

The rest of the week will pass too quickly. My son is only here for a few days, so I know that we will be busy taking in all the sights and sounds around us.

Have a joyous Christmas! I know I will. 🙂

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