Simple Celebrations

The weeks seem to be flying by! I can’t believe it’s already time to reflect on celebrations.

Weather has kept me close to home this week. There has not been a lot of contact with the outside world. I celebrate when the world comes to my mailbox. Slowly the Christmas cards arrive and I eagerly read what friends and family have been doing during this past year. In my youth, I thought the yearly letters were stupid. I guess I’ve grown wiser and now I appreciate this little bit of contact with those we rarely see.

The Outback has been a gem in the ice, snow, slush of the weather we’ve had. It has safely and securely taken us to our destinations this past week. Unfortunately, the shiny white became a gritty brown mess. We celebrated that we had one day above freezing so my husband could remove the dirt and salt from this round of weather. The sad fact is it did not last long, however we may be in the forties next week. That alone is a celebration, warmer temperatures!

I have worked my way through most of the soup recipes I tagged when the weatherman predicted snowy cold weather. There was only one mishap with a cilantro and Italian parsley confusion. All recipes were tasty and may some day reappear in the soup bowl.

As our temperatures begin to warm (slightly), I celebrate that we made it through this round of inclement weather with no power loss or damage. I’m crossing my fingers to hope this run of luck continues.

Simple celebrations make for a happy heart. I hope your heart was happy this week too.


9 thoughts on “Simple Celebrations

  1. Glad the weather is warming Elsie! We’ve had some strange weather this past week. Yesterday 4 inches of snow fell and then it rained last night…what a slushy sloppy mess outside!
    Stay warm and keep enjoying your soups!

  2. Elsie, I’m so glad to reconnect with you online. I’m enjoying this cold, snowy day from my couch. It’s a nice excuse for me to stay inside and relax.

    I’m trying to share my celebration today too. How do I get the celebrate icon into my text? Please help if you can.

  3. Tara Smith says:

    A quiet and restful week, Elsie – but here’s to a bit of a thaw so that you can get out a bit more. (PS still looking for your soup book!)

  4. Jaana says:

    I came home last night to find a beautiful Christmas card in my mailbox! I was blessed by the card and its message. What is on the menu for this week? More soup or is it time for something else?

  5. I will enjoy the celebration of warmer temperatures this week. I love snow at Christmas, but I am ready to not be slipping and sliding with every step I take. Have a great week Elsie!

  6. Like you, I cherish the family letters and cards that appear in my mailbox this time of year! I’ll use your sentence with inclement on Monday’s WOW (word of the week) test. I love pausing to celebrate with friends on Saturday!

  7. A quiet week, with soup and letters from friends can give a healthy break and an energy boost, so needed in the cold. My week was busy but my heart is happy.

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