One Soup, Three Flavors

Check out more slices at Two Writing Teachers

Check out more slices at Two Writing Teachers

The first snow brought temperatures that don’t even belong in the deep freezer. The only way to combat the chilly outside is to have something warm to put inside oneself. Soup to the rescue!

recipe book

I have a cookbook of 1,000 soup recipes. After I purchased the book, I read over each recipe and left flag markers on pages of recipes that sparked my interest. These flags have been hanging in there for years. I must confess, I have not been faithful to this cookbook. Finding recipes are so easy on-line, plus you often have the added bonus of a photo.

Before I headed to the store to stock up before the weather arrived, I checked my cookbook. I made my list and purchased my groceries. I was ready for soup making!

Once home I studied my list of soups and my ingredients. Easy Tortilla soup would be first. I had some cilantro that needed to be used. As I looked over the ingredients I decided it needed to be supplemented. So I added chopped chicken and corn to the pot. Soup was served and enjoyed. It wasn’t until after dinner I realized I forgot to put the cilantro in. Whoops!

The next day I grabbed the leafy greens from the fridge so I could chop some cilantro up and add it to the soup. I figured heating it in the microwave would be comparable to five minutes on the stove. As I ate the soup, I couldn’t really taste the unique flavor of the cilantro. It was more bitter. That left me puzzled.

It must have been weighing on my mind because later in the evening I knew why it tasted bitter. I didn’t put cilantro in, I chopped up some Italian parsley that I had purchased for another soup. Whoops again!

There was just enough soup left for a small bowl for lunch. I was determined to get that cilantro into the soup. This time I grabbed the right bundle of leafy greens, chopped them, and put them into the soup to cook for five minutes on the stove. Yup, there was the cilantro taste I’d been looking for.

The lesson from this is to reread the recipe when you think you are finished just to make sure you really are finished adding all the ingredients.


22 thoughts on “One Soup, Three Flavors

  1. Judy C. says:

    Soup was on our menu this past weekend too. Hubby does all the cooking and he never uses a recipe – just keeps adding what’s at hand. Somehow it always turns out good. I’m not that adventurous – I need to follow the recipe and learning from your experience – I’ll re-read the recipes before I begin!

  2. Parsley instead cilantro is not as bad as cinnamon for pepper (happened to my dad when he didn’t have his glasses on.)
    I like cookbooks with pictures.
    This was a fun slice to read.

  3. Haha! I love your commitment to cilantro! 🙂 I have grown to a place where I ignore cilantro. I don’t love it. The bunches are too big and at least half always goes to waste. Aside from your commitment to cilantro, we read cookbooks, and then abandon them, in almost identical style. Love the little sticky flags! 🙂

  4. haha, your cilantro saga was hysterical! I love that you kept not putting it in even though you had wanted to use it up — too funny!

    One time my mom put soy sauce in a meatball recipe instead of teriyaki sauce… blech! They are not at all alike! 😛

  5. Jaana says:

    Soup is cooking on the stove as I write this. No recipe as I am practicing my creativity. At least you had cilantro–I keep forgetting to even buy it! Wonder if I could get it frozen?

  6. Leigh Anne says:

    At least your “whoops” weren’t disastrous! We had bean soup on our snow day today…tis the season. Have a great week!

  7. Ahhh.. cooking, how I used to love it. Now I can get a great pea soup just a few blocks away from home and love every minute of it just by turning on the burner, filling a small pot and waiting for the boil.
    But there is something to creating your bowl from scratch for Bravo friend for your efforts.

  8. Two years and finishing strong... says:

    🙂 I like the pictures on-line too…I did that with parsley and cilantro also. I usually have to taste it because the print on the label is too small!!! xo

  9. This is so funny! I make sure to re-read the recipes when I’m finished–I’ve learned, too, the hard way. I’m sure you’ll be making a lot more soups–cold winter already here in Indiana!!

  10. Cold day – hot soup. Is there a better combination. Just the smell of soup as it is cooking warms me up. Adding ingredients is how new recipes are formed. I know that we have a recipe for taco soup that we doctored and like even better.

  11. I’m making soup for my writer’s group today-thanks for the funny advice! I bet it was good anyway. The days were so, so cold weren’t they? It’s supposed to be above freezing tomorrow-heat wave! My biggest whoops was forgetting the sugar in a cake once-came out hard as a rock! One must pay attention!

  12. Elsie, so fun to read your soup adventures. You make me want to try out some of those soup recipes that I’ve flagged in a few cookbooks Glad the cilantro finally made it into that last bowl of soup!

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