Celebrating Weather

One day it is sixty-five degrees and the next day there is sleet and a difference of forty degrees on the thermometer. Fortunately the weather people had been predicting this for at least ten days, so no one should have been caught unaware.

I was supposed to be in a school during the initial stage of this weather system, so I celebrate that we were able to rearrange the calendar. I did not have to battle the elements, but could enjoy them from my warm home.

I dug out my 1,000 Soup Recipes cookbook and jotted ingredients needed for six different soups to try during this cold snap. Is there anything more satisfying than a steaming bowl of soup and a grilled cheese sandwich? Mmmmmm! All ingredients are waiting for their turn in the soup pot.

A snow blower is a cause for celebration when there is six to eight inches of snow on the driveway. I know that my neighbors celebrated when they looked out their window to see my husband blowing their driveways clean. We even scored a plate of cookies from one neighbor!

The temperatures have plummeted to single digits and minus zero wind chills. This cold snap prompted me to dig out my comfy pajamas I received last year from American Airlines as I traveled first class to Tokyo, then on to Singapore. (We cashed in airline miles to allow this luxury). Just the sight of the pajamas brought back memories of a wonderful winter trip that celebrated my brother-in-law’s retirement.

Today the temperatures are still frigid, but the sun is shining which makes the snow sparkle like diamonds. The first snow is always a a joy, so I celebrate this snowfall.

Wonder if it is this chilly in Paris today?

Wonder if it is this chilly in Paris today?

The table is ready and waiting for some frosty guests.

The table is ready and waiting for some frosty guests.

So what have you celebrated this week?


11 thoughts on “Celebrating Weather

  1. Did my first snow clean up this evening. Reminded me of my youth actually–the snow belt of Gary, Indiana right on Lake Michigan. Indiana never disappoints when it comes to fast changes either. Enjoy your warm memories and pjs.

  2. We are in our fourth day of subzero weather (not much snow though) , you’ve convinced me. I need to go to the store and buy ingredients for soup so I can have soup and grilled cheese tomorrow! A perfect way to celebrate winter!

  3. Jaana says:

    I am all for soup! Last week was sweet potato soup. What shall I make this week? We are still waiting for the first real snow here in lower mi; maybe it will be our turn soon.

  4. Ramona says:

    Love your pics, especially the table ready and waiting for frosty guests! We didn’t get any snow, just very cold temps all week. Comfy PJs, soup, and snow sparkling like diamonds – no wonder you’re celebrating.

  5. Elsie,
    We got a nice dose of some snow last night! Our city plows seem to do a less than adequate job of cleaning up the roads so when it happens on the weekend, I breathe a sigh of relief that I don’t have to drive anywhere.

  6. margaretsmn says:

    Beautiful snow pictures! Glittering sparkles! I shiver to think of the negative temperatures but your post makes me want to travel to see some snow this year. We have low temperatures for Louisiana, so I am wearing a new sweater and the boots I love. Doubt we will get any snow, though.

  7. I could have celebrated putting on the flannel sheets, Elsie, Your pajama story reminded me! It is so cold, but above freezing is predicted for mid-week next week. It’ll seem like a heat wave! So glad you didn’t have to get out in your storms. I think you had more snowy weather than we did-we just got the cold! And, I just bought soup ingredients too-time to bring out the pot! Thanks for all the ‘winter’ celebrations!

  8. I wrote about our first snow and snow day also! We ended up with over 13 inches….so I am not so sure I would call it a celebration! But I have enjoyed being in my pajamas and reading…now that is cause for celebration!

  9. I have not been looking forward to snow as warm temperatures preferred more. But I love how you delight in the beauty of the snow and circumstances to continue fuel the positive! I am looking forward to a snow day,a s the family is snuggled altogether enjoying some time together.
    Comfy PJs hooray!!! Soup and grilled cheese warmed our bodies this week as well. Thankful for you and the beauty of your words, my friend!

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