Has your week been a flurry of activity? Have you been elbow deep into food preparation? Or perhaps you were one of the weary travelers on the road to spend Thanksgiving with family or friends who live afar. Celebrations can be lost in all the hubbub of activity. This week I tried to imprint on my brain what I needed to celebrate today. (I know it would be easier if I’d take a moment to jot them down, but I didn’t. Maybe next week I’ll try that out.)

At one time, I had a fleeting thought that I’d love to hop in the car and head to California to spend Thanksgiving with my son and his family. But sanity reigned me in. My heart was consoled by the thought that they will be here for Christmas, so just wait. I celebrate that decision because we would have been caught in the terrible weather that passed through Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. Who knows what disaster may have fallen upon our vehicle.

I celebrate that I don’t have to worry with cleaning the house. My husband put the house in order while I prepared food for our Thanksgiving feast. I tried a new pie this year. If you get Southern Living magazine, you will recognize this pie from the cover. It is a chocolate-caramel pecan pie. When I brought it out, my niece squealed with delight. She had seen it on the cover and wanted to try it, but had not. It was incredibly decadent. Here is a link to the recipe: http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/caramel-chocolate-pecan-pie-50400000131247/.

This was taken before the caramel sauce was added to the pie.

This was taken before the caramel sauce was added to the pie.

(Side note: I did not make the salted caramel topping, but heated an ice cream caramel topping and drizzled it over the top before serving.)

I celebrate being able to spend time with family. They all live fairly close, but rarely do we ever seem to have time to meet up. Thanksgiving Day we were able to sit back and enjoy one another’s company while sharing great food.

The lights have been put up on the house and we celebrate the man who will come to do this for us since we do not like heights anymore.

Inside the house we begin to bring out the decorations of Christmas to celebrate this season. At one time, this was the biggest celebration in our house. Now, often we are not home for the holidays so we decorate minimally. This year, the tree is up and bits of Christmas can be found in each room. As we put up ornaments on the tree many memories of our life came flooding back. As Pete the Cat would say, “It’s all good!”

I hope you have been able to rest during this break and find the moments of celebration each day.



13 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. margaretsmn says:

    I think I was smelling the pie, so I came over for a slice. I love how the holidays smell and bring back memories. Making new ones is fun, too.

  2. Terje says:

    Your pie could be on the cover of a food magazine too. I should spread some bits of christmas into each room. makes the waiting for the holiday cheerful. Happy first of December!

  3. So fun to hear about your holiday. I envy that time spent with family and have fond memories of holidays spent with many members of our extended family. I’m adding that pie recipe to my WTT (want to try) file.

  4. I like chocolate, pecans and caramel-the pie looks and sounds divine, Elsie! Wow! It sounds as if you had a nice relaxing week-not too anything, but just right! So glad you’re going to All-Write, too! Happy December!

  5. That pie looks wonderful! Pecan pie is my husband’s favorite Thanksgiving dessert, but I know he would like the chocolate added to this one! When I showed him the picture, his first words were “Make it!”

  6. Wow that pie looks incredible! I was, however, most moved by your comments about those who live nearby yet are rarely visited due to the busy pace of our lives. Holidays are indeed times for decadent treats and reflective family sharing.

  7. Did you save me a piece of pie? I look forward to getting our decorations up soon…not so looking forward to digging them all out of the basement. It is always nice to enjoy the twinkling lights and the greens and reds of the season.

  8. I agree with Jaana– that pie looks absolutely delicious! Could you please airmail a piece to Denver??? And just think, only a few short weeks until Christmas break!

  9. Jaana says:

    The pie looks absolutely scrumptious! I have never had a pecan pie that I really liked, but your pie aesthetics would convince even me to eat it!

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