Hazard at Home

Are you aware washing your hands could be hazardous? Of course, not washing your hands could also be hazardous. However that’s another story for another day. On this day I need to warn you of the danger lurking at your sink.

Beware! This innocent looking bottle of hand soap can inflict pain.

Beware! This innocent looking bottle of hand soap can inflict pain.

Do you use liquid soap in a pump? If the answer is yes, take heed of my warning. I had to learn the hard, may I say painful way. Here is my sad tale . . .

I approached the sink nonchalantly, unaware of the danger ahead. I reached for the pump to plop a squirt in my hand. I applied even pressure to the top but no soap was dispensed. I pressed it slightly harder. There was a moment of resistance before the dam gave way and soap shot out in a variety of angles!

In a fraction of a second I was covered in clear soap goo. This goo smeared across my fuzzy fleece shirt, narrowly missed my mouth (fortunately it was closed), but landed just above my lip, and in my hair. However, that was not the worst! A miniscule speck shot into my right eye. Oh the burn!

I was aghast looking at my reflection in the mirror. Immediately I needed to attend to my eye. I rinsed and rinsed, but still it burned. I continued to furiously blink as I tended to the other landing places of the soap.

Once I was moderately cleaned up, I examined the soap bottle carefully. I had never been attacked by my soap before, so I wondered what had prompted this full frontal assault. Wedged in the opening of the pump was a lump of congealed soap. Apparently it had built up over time and I had not noticed this collection of semi-dried soap getting ready to attack the next user. I suppose I should be grateful that this did not occur when I was dressed to go some place special, thereby requiring a wardrobe change.

The rest of the day, my eye was tender. It was a constant reminder to look before pumping. I only hope this story serves as a warning to you, dear reader. Check the end of the pump and you will be spared. 🙂