Just Being

BIC (butt in chair) is how I spent most of my week. Doesn’t sound very worthy of a celebration, does it? But actually I do celebrate that I finished gathering information for my work next week and I’m not down to the wire preparing.┬áPlus I will be able to use some of the material in the future with other schools. I always celebrate when I can reuse some of my material and I don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time I work in a school.

Weather mild enough for a bike ride is another celebration for the week. Our temperatures are supposed to plunge next week, so I am hoping for at least one more ride to take in the final stages of fall.

I also celebrated the arrival of Ruth’s book in my mailbox. As I savor the sunlight on the patio, I will be enjoying her words of celebration. Do you know how hard it was to continue working and having that book sitting beside me begging to be read? I know you know, but now I can sit back, relax, and learn. I know that I will be sharing her words with my schools.

Have a great week and see you next Saturday to celebrate!