A Pick-Up Line

Walking into Walmart for my weekly grocery shopping finds me looking at my list of items I want to price match, thinking about what I will fix for dinner this week, checking to make sure I have my bags for my groceries, and reminding myself of what coupons I have to use today. All this multi-tasking preoccupies my mind as I am pushing my cart through the double doors. The friendly greeter is there with a welcoming smile. I smile back while I am organizing my “stuff” in the cart.

A male voice behind me says, “So this is where all the good looking women hang out.”

I look left, then right, to see who he is talking about. There is no one around. Inwardly I roll my eyes and mentally say “Really?” I make the mistake of looking back at the speaker.

He continues on, “My mother always said I should go to the laundry mat to find a good woman. I think she was wrong. Walmart is the place. There sure are a lot of good looking women here.”

I shake my head as if to say “You’ve got to be kidding. I’m not buying your line.” I continue to push my cart in a different direction.

He also continues on his way but his final line makes me laugh, “You just missed the chance to be my next ex-wife.”

Thanks for the offer, buddy, but I am perfectly happy with my choice of a spouse. Besides I didn’t find him at a laundry mat or Walmart.