Moments of Celebration

When my calendar turned from September to October, I had a moment of panic. I had multiple days scheduled in schools with very little time built in for preparation. Time would be an issue, every moment would count. So on the final day of October, I celebrated that the month was over and all obligations were met. Fortunately, November will be a less hectic month of working. I will continue to celebrate the luxury of time. After all, isn’t that what retirement is supposed to be? 🙂

Every street I travel seems to be lined with trees filled with a rainbow of color. The colors of fall seem to linger longer and be more vibrant in color. It is such a feast of color for my eyes. Rain makes a difference. It also creates so many more leaves on the trees that must be raked. I made three trips to the recycling center to dump six bags of leaves gathered each time. On two separate trips a stranger helped me carry two bags to the top of the platform where we dumped the leaves into a bin. That kindness was so appreciated!

This looks like a decorated Christmas tree. Colorful leaves make lovely ornaments.

This looks like a decorated Christmas tree. Colorful leaves make lovely ornaments.

Finally, tonight my husband and I will attend a  wedding celebration at our neighbor’s home. It is not a traditional marriage, but one where the bonds of commitment are just as strong. Finding one’s partner for life is no easy task. So we celebrate their love and commitment.

All week long, I sift through my day, wondering what did I celebrate today? Knowing that this post will be written, it makes me more aware of the simple celebrations that seem to slip by unnoticed. I wonder what I will celebrate next week.