A Phone Message

I had been out running errands all morning long. As I carried my groceries into the kitchen, I was pondering what I had in the fridge for lunch. Casually I glanced at the answering machine, not expecting to see a flashing light indicating there was a message. But there it was, a pulsing red light. I figured it was my mother, she is usually the only person to call on the house phone.

However, it was not my mother’s voice that echoed through the speaker. It was a man’s voice. One I’d never heard before. It took my brain a moment to react to this surprise. What was that he was saying? He is trying to contact a person, someone I’ve never heard of before. This person has listed my husband and me as a contact? She gave our number? This is a legal matter that needs to be resolved? The words plaintiff and case number swirl around throughout the message.

This whole message unsettles me. First, I have never heard of this woman he named. Second, we have an unlisted home phone number. So how did this stranger get access to that number and why did we get selected to be her contact? I contacted my husband to see if he knew this person. He did not, but he reported that he had a similar message last spring.

I wish I had been home to be able to talk to the person who called, but he did not leave his number. Now when the house phone rings, I wonder is it someone I know or will this be another call looking for an unknown person?


24 thoughts on “A Phone Message

  1. I kept getting a similar message. Finally I answered the phone when they called. The person asked me to confirm my address and info. I refused saying I didn’t know who they were. They explained they were working on a case blah blah blah, and gave me the last four digits of a soc. I didn’t know what to say if it was mine. It was NOT mine. End result they had the wrong person. Phew. Odd that this is such a universal issue.

  2. Terje says:

    Weird and scary. Now you have to figure out how much you want to worry, and should you take action, or should you let go and forget. I hope you fell more at ease now that time has passed.

  3. Maybe it was just a wrong number that was configured from your number. I get strange numbers calling sometimes. If I do not know the number, I don’t answer but just wait to hear the message. There usually is no message. I should write the numbers down to see if it’s the same number calling every now and then. Good luck with your mystery.

  4. It IS two days before Halloween! My son has been watching all the scary movies this week in anticipation of the big day….your story sounds like it could be an opening scene!

  5. I must be the pessimistic skeptic! I say, “It’s a scam and probably better that you didn’t answer!” If there was something to be settled, or urgent, one would think they would have left contact information. And given that this is now an annual call, it makes it look even more suspicious….. I might, however, call the police department to report it, just in case the name is one that they have record of…. ya know…. just in case…. 😉

  6. Very strange. We get a similar message, but not nearly as unsetlting, since it’s an automated message for someone who doesn’t live here and not for us about a stranger. I wish it would leave a number so I could tell them she no longer lives at this number!

  7. Jaana says:

    I could just picture you sitting on the couch when the phone rings. Pondering whether to answer or let the machine pick it up. Maybe we will get to read another post later on….chapter 2!.

  8. That’s pretty crazy! We don’t even have a home phone anymore for this type of reason. We were getting more calls from telemarketers and various other junk calls than actual people we knew. I hope nothing comes of this!

  9. A true mystery. Well written, Elsie. You blog is called, “else tries writing.” It could now be called, “elsie writes.” Or “elsie creates suspense.” or “Who called elsie?”

  10. Elsie, I had a similar thing happen to me on my cell phone. The man said I should call about my pending Felony Charges!!! Turns out it was legit. He was trying to reach another Bernadette whose area code was a juxtaposition of my area code with the same telephone number. Pretty strange, huh?
    Bernadette Laganella

  11. Wow! I have never had a call like this, but I have had calls from people who do not leave their name or contact information. It is unnerving especially if thier number is blocked on my caller ID.

  12. It was probably some scam and maybe that will be that. If it is a real case someone will call back and if they did not give you a way to contact them that makes it seem more scam like. Sorry it was so unsettling! I trust it helped to write about it.

  13. Funny the way you put it. I have a new land line number now that I moved, & no one calls it but crank calls & my health insurance. Perhaps they just used the random number calling system, Elsie. It is unsettling, I agree! Hope this is the end!

  14. Judy C. says:

    Unsettling and scary too. I’m thinking a scam. These people have so many ways of getting information on people and then using it to their advantage. Hopefully this will be the one and only phone call you get like this.

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