Celebrating Through the Week

Sunday: My husband noticed the combination of colors of the burning bush next to our garage. “This bush looks like Christmas,” he announced. He was right, it did look like Christmas. It’s too bad at Christmas it won’t look like this, so I saved the moment with a photo.

This year the word Christmas brings a smile to my face. My son and his family will be coming home to visit, this will be their first Christmas in Missouri. I can’t wait for Christmas!

A burning bush in October, has all the colors of Christmas.

A burning bush in October, has all the colors of Christmas.

Monday: Library book sale! Need I say more? I spent an hour flipping through the book bins wishing I had more money in my pocket and space on my book shelves. But the fun was not over yet, I was meeting my gal pals for Mexican dinner. Good times and good food helped to brighten their week of parent conferences that would begin on Tuesday.

This line continues around the building and

This line continues around the building and

through the parking lot.

through the parking lot. Isn’t it great so many want books?

Tuesday: I headed south to spend a day with fourth through eighth grade teachers to talk about Common Core State Standards. My headlights caught the first frost on the grass sparkling like a million diamonds. I knew no photo could capture that view. But as I pulled out of my subdivision, the sun was just beginning to emerge. Now that was a view I could snap.


The road south is full of hills (these are the Ozark Mountains) and valleys. I love the way the clouds sit in the valleys.


Wednesday: I headed back south to work with teachers in the elementary building. No spectacular sunrise or fog, but it was a great day of learning.

Thursday: I celebrated the luxury of time. Even though temperatures were cool, I was able to soak up a few warming sun rays on the patio.

Friday: I worked at the library sale. My job was to straighten and organize the tables of books. Of course in the process I found a few “must haves” to add to my bookshelves. I also found a few that I would like to have, but Saturday is half-price day. I tucked them away and prayed that no one would find them in the back of the box.

Saturday: As I was getting into the car (to go to the book sale), my husband said, This car is us. I don’t have a bit of buyer’s remorse.” Those words were music to my ears.

At the sale I discovered two of the three books I tucked away were still there. However, I made up for it as I found a couple more that needed to be mine since they were half-price.

So you can see, there was something to celebrate every day. I wonder what next week will bring?


11 thoughts on “Celebrating Through the Week

  1. That library sale is huge! At first, I thought the picture must be to accompany the celebration that was coming AFTER the library sale, but then I scrolled down and read the caption. What a treat! I love the idea of tucking the books you wanted in the backs of the boxes. We used to do that with coloring books we wanted at the grocery store. We were only allowed one each week, so we hid the ones we wanted for the following in the back of the rack in hopes they would still be there.

  2. margaretsmn says:

    Library book sales can be dangerous for me. Last year I left with two boxes. Beautiful pictures to capture your week.

  3. Ramona says:

    Oh Elsie I wish I could have joined you and the 4-8th grade teachers for a day of learning about CCSS. Wouldn’t it be fun to go to a book sale together? I found a book at the Ithaca NY book sale that my brother and I have been looking for for at least 30 years. Shhh! It’s his birthday present (2 days before Christmas) this year!

  4. Judy C. says:

    Books, books and more books – what a way to celebrate. Although, it makes me sad too. When we visited the New Dawning Christian School in San Juan, Guatemala, their library was very sparse. What a joy they would have if they could get more books. Glad you could celebrate each day. We truly are blessed with celebrations of joy!

  5. I liked the journey you took us on, Elsie. That first pic could be your Christmas card! Oh, I love book sales-hope there’s another one soon here! Have a lovely weekend too!

  6. I love this structure, looking for celebrations each day. The bush is beautiful. Thanks for capturing the beauty. A book sale- two of them. I would have loved to have been there with you. Fun nuggets! You made me smile. Thanks.

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