Changes Abound

Have you noticed the traffic on the road lately? What’s everyone’s hurry? Don’t they know it’s dangerous out there?

I’m not talking about the four (or more) wheeled traffic. The traffic I’m noticing is visible only when there are two wheels or two legs. The roads are literally crawling (pun intended :-))with insects.

Each little crawler has its own style of movement. The fuzzy woolly worm seems to undulate over the road in a constant rhythm. Then you have roly polys who scuttle along. The road is most dangerous for them since they are exactly the same color as the blacktop. (I used to feel bad if I ran over one, but I’ve gotten over that since one of their family members ate on my biggest tomato.) Spiders are quick movers that seem to always be running at a diagonal. I suppose getting eight legs moving in the same directions is difficult. Beetles always seem to have a direct route planned out as they hustle down the road.

Lately the grasshoppers have made an appearance. As the weather turns slightly cooler they come out of the fields and on to the road. I think they like to play chicken with me. Just how close can I get before they leap. Sometimes they miss judge and hit the spokes of my wheel. Plink is the sound they create. I’m sure they are dazed after that encounter. Some have built up their leg muscles so they can leap over the front wheel. A few decide this game is no fun so they jump in the other direction. They drive me crazy as I pedal down the road trying to avoid a collision with them. However, some are not so lucky as the road is littered with grasshopper carcasses.

The increased traffic on the road is not the only change I’ve noticed since the shifting of the seasons has started. There are a few late blooming plants that have erupted in the fields.

This is a river of flowers flowing through the field.

This is a river of flowers flowing through the field.

Massive flocks of birds are gathering on the lines. They must be discussing the route to their winter nesting grounds. Last night I was able to catch theses photos of the birds as we drove up an off-ramp. There were so many more that I couldn’t catch with my phone. Of course everyone was screeching just a bit louder than the one next to him.

What's that you say? I can't hear you? Where are we going?

What’s that you say? I can’t hear you? Where are we going?

Don't they look proper sitting on the line?

Don’t they look proper sitting on the line?

This is also the time of year you must be cautious of where you walk. Webs appear overnight and catch you unaware. The strands that are disconnected float freely in the breeze looking for someone or something to drape themselves over.

This spider is outside the kitchen area. Fortunately it chose to build the web in a non-traffic area of the yard. Did you know this spider is afraid of water?

This spider is outside the kitchen area. Fortunately it chose to build the web in a non-traffic area of the yard. Did you know this spider is afraid of water?

Slowly the earth shifts and everyone living on this planet must make adjustments too. I just don’t know if I’m ready for the change, yet. Are you?

19 thoughts on “Changes Abound

  1. Terje says:

    If you haven’t thought of it, I recommend writing a nature book. I secretly hope that you have thought of it and it’s half way done. I would like a signed copy.

  2. Ramona says:

    Elsie, what fun to join you on your walk! “Slowly the earth shifts and everyone living on this planet must make adjustments too.” I’ve learned to embrace the changing seasons because before I can blink, it will be winter. Time to stop and notice fall! As always, I love your pictures!

  3. Nope, my friend, I have not made the insect observations you share. I walked in the woods with my buddy Sharon yesterday and we missed the insects. But I can say that I am loving the Fall…in all its spectacular glory. But please keep me anchored as you always do with your observations and images…

  4. Your beautiful captions called for my attention even though the photographed images were stunning. Oh, how I love the way you paint pictures with words! I can just imagine you trying to navigate around those creepy crawlies on your bike (I love the comment about the tomato-eating bug relative).

  5. Elsie, such a beautiful wandering among the animals and your wonderings are beautiful. You make me miss beautiful Missouri. I’ve noticed only the increase in spiders & the leaves are already changing! Since I’m in the city, haven’t see one grasshopper. My class had a ropy-poly terrarium one year-fascinating to watch. They lived on a little lid of water & cut up potatoes. My favorite pic is that first bird one. To catch them in the air, too, makes an amazing shot! Thanks!

  6. You always think so deeply and creatively about the world around you, elsie! These nature posts of yours nudge me to take the time to NOTICE more often. I loved the imagined conversations of the birds the best — my parents have always made fun of me for wondering what animals are thinking. Now I can tell them I’m not the only one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Judy C. says:

    Elsie, once again your words and pictures have captured nature at it’s best. The things I’ve noticed lately have been the darkness in the morning and sun setting earlier, the dogwoods turning red with bright red berries and the squirrels are hurriedly burying their nuts. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jaana says:

    I have to admit that as soon as I saw the pictures of the birds, my mind went to the movie “The Birds” by Hitchcock! Even your captions under the pics remind me of the movie. can’t help but wonder what the birds in your neighborhood were really talking about…

  9. I have been teaching leads in our writing workshop this week. It seems that our 3rd graders are taught to ask a question as a lead. I get so tired of reading Have you ever made something? What is your favorite season?

    I think I will use your post as an example of an excellent way to use questions as your lead. Thanks for tomorrow’s mentor text!

    Beautiful writing as always!

  10. I arrived at your post harried and in a hurry on this school day..but now I feel serene, having paused to take note of all the wonders you have noticed. Thanks you.

  11. Elsie, I love the way you introduced your slice with questions. You intrigued me from the beginning and engaged my interest. You notice the little things and make them significant. I love that about you!

  12. Thank you for showing the photographs and the bugs. I was the right there with you riding my bike through the grasshoppers.
    “Slowly the earth shifts and everyone living on this planet must make adjustments too. I just donโ€™t know if Iโ€™m ready for the change, yet. Are you?”

    Loved the last few sentences. “As the earth shifts.” delightful.

  13. I love your pictures. I often see birds sitting on wires and wonder just what is going through their minds. Our road is usually populated with wild turkeys, squirrels, turtles, frogs, deer, and once a bear.

  14. Not liking this shift but as you say, “…and every one on this planet must make adjustments.” You make the shift sing. Thanks for making the adjustment so much easier.

  15. I love how you noticed the small and big changes around you!! I miss the change of seasons, minus the coldness of winter. I like how you included pictures like the one of the spider! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. You are a true writer Elsie, always noticing the little things around you. You see details in the everyday things that many people miss. Your pictures are awesome today!

  17. Undulating fuzzy wooly worms–not something I notice every day. Thanks for sharing the joys of nature’s smallest creatures. I, on the other hand, simply want to rid my kitchen of the meddlesome moths of the pantry…as you celebrate nature, I am slapping and trapping the uninvited guests. Sorry to make this about me–this is my critter connection.

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