Nick of Time

I needed to get going, the day was only going to get hotter. So with the sun shining brightly, I stepped outside and the humidity hit me like a wet wall. I had second thoughts about riding my bike, but I pedaled on.

Speed is never my goal as I ride and today was not a day to pick up the pace. As long as I was moving there was a breeze to counteract the heat and humidity.

My eyes scanned left and right to notice the new blossoms of the wildflowers. The cows in the pastures stopped their munching to gaze at me with quizzical eyes.

Almost half way through the ride, I noticed it’s not quite as hot. When I began the journey back I discovered why it had cooled slightly. The sky in the west was no longer bright blue, now it was a deep steel blue. It looked like rain was headed my way and I was six miles from home. I tried to pick up the pace. Pedaling was a priority now, coasting was a luxury I could not afford as the sky darkened.

Two miles from home, I turned south. That sky was lighter, however, my relief was short lived. Deep blue flooded the sky as far as the eye could see. The end of this ride had a couple of inclines, so now my legs burned from the constant pedaling.

Every breath wracked my chest as I huffed and puffed my way to the crest of the final hill. Was that thunder or trucks rumbling? Lightning flashed above my head as if responding to my mental question. I pedaled faster to reach the summit because it is all down hill from that point.

Scenery of that final mile blurred as I continued to pedal. Raindrops gave my shirt a polka-dot pattern. I flew down my street and up the driveway. The garage was open. My husband  raced the rain to finish mowing the yard.

I made it into the garage in the nick of time. The wind shook the trees. Thunder rumbled, as I safely watched the rain pour down from under cover of the patio. That was a close one!

One of the downspouts was plugged up, so we had a curtain of rain.

One of the downspouts was plugged up, so we had a curtain of rain.

13 thoughts on “Nick of Time

  1. I love how you write…can I be like you when I grow up! This will be a great example of how using different sentence lengths creates the movement of time! What crazy weather!

  2. I felt the pace quicken, I loved how you dropped the subtle hints that something was going to change. I’m so glad that you made it in time. You must be in terrific shape. xo

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