When It Rains . . .

Lately we’ve been experiencing a monsoon. Every morning we wake up to rain falling. Sometimes it is a driving rain that makes you glad you don’t have to go anywhere. Sometimes it is a gentle shower. Usually it stops for a period of the day, but by evening the rain returns.

Now I am not complaining about the rain. We were in a drought last summer, so this is a blessed change. The plants appreciate all the moisture. However, it is difficult to mow. The yard is so saturated that every step squishes as you walk. As I walk through the yard, I find it is as slippery as ice.

When rain is predicted, my husband moves the patio furniture closer to the house and piles the cushions to protect them from being saturated. The furniture and cushions have been piled up for most of the week. So when the weatherman said we would be having a break from the perpetual precipitation, my husband decided to move the cushions back to their rightful place.

I was sitting at the kitchen table when I heard a yelp from outside. I jumped up from the table expecting to see my husband on the ground or some other catastrophe. I rushed out the door to discover a wild look in his eyes as he was backing away and pointing to the cushions in the corner. My head whipped around to see what caused all this commotion.

Black snakes are good to have around as they eat mice.

Black snakes are good to have around as they eat mice.

Apparently our friend had decided it was too wet on the ground, so he sought refuge in a high and dry place. There had been cushions and pillow piled onto this webbed frame. The snake had worked its way up at least five feet to find this cozy resting place to wait out the wet.

Although I don’t care for snakes, I knew this one was a good one to have around. I just didn’t want him that close. My husband got a trashcan and a broom so we could capture the critter and set it free on the other side of our fence. However, it was not buying into our plan. It wrapped its tail around the webbing and refused to allow us to put it into the trashcan. As we struggled to convince it this was the best plan, it dropped to the ground and slithered under the bush. With a flick of its tail, it disappeared from sight.

My husband and I just looked at each other. What could we do? Neither of us wanted to wrangle with a snake. I just hope it returns to its hole and does not return to the patio. The lesson learned is that if the cushions need to be stacked up for more than a day, they will be in the garage. Hopefully that will deter any future visitors.