More Slicers Met

I have found the perfect way to make my heart happy and put a smile on my face. Are you curious? Do you want to know how you can achieve this level of joy? It’s easy. All you have to do is meet someone that you’ve known for several years. Let me explain . . .

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of meeting two more Slicers. Michelle and Judy were heading to Branson to pick up their future in-law at the airport. Judy had the marvelous idea of contacting me to see if I was available. Absolutely I was available!

Through email we decided to meet up at the Branson Landing shopping area right outside the Bass Pro Shop. As I walked toward the entrance, I scanned the people looking for a mother, daughter, and two small twin daughters. No one seemed to fit the bill until I saw a lady step out of the store. Immediate recognition was in her face. She knew who I was, which then let me know who she was, it was Judy.

Hugs and introductions were the first order of business. Then we headed back inside the shop where the girls watched the fish for a bit. This allowed the adults time to talk. Once again, the familiarity of knowing our stories brought us together as friends.

We wandered about the shopping area looking for a place for lunch and giving the little girls a chance to stretch their legs. The giant ice cream cone sign caught their attention, but first we stopped for hamburgers and fries.

Unfortunately, the day became hotter and hotter as we looked for a shady spot to sit and visit. The fountains were entertaining for a while. However, the girls enjoyed crawling in a rocket ship, a car, and boat even more. When did those mini rides get so expensive? They used to be a quarter, but now you need four quarters to make them go.

Ice cream was a cooling treat as the afternoon heated up. Shortly after that treat we needed to say good-bye so they could get to the airport. But before we parted a quick picture was in order.  We snagged a young man as he came out of Bass Pro to snap our picture with our phones.

What a joy it is to get to meet the person behind the words! Thanks for a fun time Michelle and Judy!

michelle judy


20 thoughts on “More Slicers Met

  1. “Once again, the familiarity of knowing our stories brought us together as friends.”
    I loved your story today. Writing really does bring us closer. When I do get to meet you I want to eat strawberries. That was one of the first stories I read on your blog.

  2. Wow, lucky you! (and lucky them!) You’ve gotten to meet so many slicers this year! It’s amazing how the relationships we’ve built through writing seem so real!

  3. It was great meeting with you – I feel like I’ve known you forever. Next time we’ll take in the winery??? Hubby has already said, next time we go we’ll have to get together. Sounds like a plan to me.

  4. Ramona says:

    I’m still floating from my All Write high and it was almost two weeks ago! Elsie, thanks for sharing your time with Michelle and Judy with us. I love the line, “All you have to do is meet someone that you’ve known for several years.”

  5. It’s really fun to read both your version and Michelle’s version of your meeting. It sounds like you had a great time together and more wonderful connections were made. Love the picture!

  6. I love how many people you’ve been able to connect with personally in the past few weeks. My favorite line – “the familiarity of knowing our stories brought us together as friends” — says it all why this slicing/writing community is so important.

  7. Sounds wonderful, Elsie, Michelle and Judy! I’m jealous too since I know Branson & have been there many times. What a great time you had. It is amazing to really meet isn’t it?

  8. I’m smiling as I read this – especially in comparison to my slice today! Crazy to think that we have “known” each other for years! So happy we could meet up and connect. Pure JOY! Thanks for your version of the meet up! 🙂

  9. Jealous, also! Loved this line:What a joy it is to get to meet the person behind the words! Maybe we will all meet at NCTE, at least that is my hope. And, thank you for the picture – slicers always look so joyful in each others’ company!

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