Little of This, Some of That

First off, last week I forgot to give an update of my chirping side neighbors. I had not spied on the babies for several days because the weather had turned chilly and I did not want mama to fly leaving her chicks to face the cold alone. Saturday they were quite chatty. I could hear them chirping away as I watched my husband pulling out the pansies under the sand cherry tree. Stealthily I approached the spruce tree, however mama zoomed away quickly. The chattering quickly died as I parted the limbs. They became still as statutes while they fastened their beady eyes on me.That nest is very crowded, so as soon as they can break free, they will be gone. It must be quite the balancing act when mama is home too.nest

Apparently we have quite the nursery within our vegetation. Aren’t these photo the saddest sight? My husband thinks there is a nest in the honeysuckle vine that drapes over our fence. I looked but could not locate it. We left for dinner, so I checked to see if it was still there when we returned. No sign of this chick.

bird 1bird 2

So you’ve read a little of this, now it’s time for some of that. River birch trees are incredibly interesting with its peeling bark. Last week I wrote about how the river birch altered its growing to avoid the roof. This week I must tell you about the seed cone of this tree. They hang like tassels flinging their pollen in the wind. Everything, I mean everything takes on a greenish-yellow cast. Once the pollen has left, the seed cone drops. We call these seed cones worms, because that’s what they look like as they hang in the tree and on the ground.

Recently we had quite a bit of rain. All drain spouts were awash in the “worms” of the birch. They lay on the concrete like dried worm carcasses. As I gazed up through the vivid green leaves to the brilliant blue sky, I noticed most of the tassels were gone. Thank goodness! Now we can get back to enjoying the beauty of the tree.

These "worm" were scooped out of the drain to the left. Yuk!

These “worm” were scooped out of the drain to the left. Yuk!


16 thoughts on “Little of This, Some of That

  1. What great pictures, Elsie! You have a knack for pairing fantastic pictures with your story! Curious about what comes first–the pictures or the story?

    • I take a picture to help me remember the bits and pieces of life that evaporate. So mostly they develop at the same time, but the idea is saved in the visual.

  2. The baby birds are adorable! Better yet, you taught me something new — I’ve seen those “dead worm” things around but I didn’t know what tree they came from. Now I know! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your nature with us. Love to read your words and gaze at the pics – the words come alive. I’m hoping those wormy things will soon be all out of the trees – they make such a mess!

  4. I never get tired of “seeing” the world through your lens. I am always happy to hear a little of this and some of that. I hope that little bird found its way home.

  5. Stirrings of Spring and life – how lovely to stop and notice the little changes each step of the way. I need to look up the river birch – between last week’s post and this week’s ,I’ve come to believe that they are quite remarkble!

  6. Your yard provides plenty of inspiration for writing! This year the birds at our house built nests on the other side of our patio, so we can hear the birds but can’t really see anything other than the nests. I always loved being able to look out the kitchen door and see more of the process in previous years.

    At first I couldn’t picture the tree “worms” but when I saw the picture I realized that I had seen them before. It is funny how sometimes we forget what we know/are familiar with until we actually see it.

  7. Ramona says:

    I loved seeing the baby chicks. These words paint such a vivid picture that I almost lifted my eyes as I read them, “As I gazed up through the vivid green leaves to the brilliant blue sky,…” Elsie, it’s always fun to see what’s happening in your world.

  8. So great to see your pics, Elsie. Those babies in the nest are priceless! Our cottonwood through out similar ‘worms’, what a mess to sweep always! But the leaves finally are appearing! I’ll be so glad to see what my new trees are like when finally leafed out! Sorry for the pollen wars for some-it is making for lots of sneezing at school! Thanks!

  9. I love your picture posts, Elsie. The pics always add so much to the words. I’ve used your posts as examples with my freshmen as I work with them on their blog posts. Thanks for sharing

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