Moments of Panic

My mother doesn’t need to get out in when the weather is uncooperative, so I stop by her apartment to pick up her grocery list and an envelope of tax information to mail. I slip her money and list into my right coat pocket.

Just before I get to the store I notice my gas light is blinking. I need to fill up and how convenient, there is a gas station in the parking lot. I use my credit card to get the gas. I slip the credit card into my left pocket with my cell phone because I will need it in the store in just a few minutes.

I pull into a parking place, grab the envelope to mail, and head into the store. First stop, get the postage for the envelope. Done!

Heading to the carts my phone rings. it’s my husband reminding me of a friend’s birthday. Yes dear, I will pick up a birthday card. As I am talking, I notice there is only a glove in my pocket. Where is the credit card? Panic is bubbling up as I hang up the phone. Feverishly I am searching pockets, checking out my purse. No card! I run out to the car, did it fall out there? No? I run to the gas station. I scan the area where I pumped the gas, nothing. I asked inside if anyone turned in a card, not today was the response.

I head back to the grocery store and return to the counter where I bought the postage. Fearfully, I inquire did anyone turn in a credit card just now? This time the answer is yes. Relief floods through my body. The clerk asks to see identification (thank you for that), then she returns my card to me.

Thank you to the honest person who found this card. I think, well now I have a slice to write, but I hope to never repeat this again.


15 thoughts on “Moments of Panic

  1. Joyce says:

    I really felt your pain! I do believe there is a mystery writer hidden in your pen. I felt certain the card would be nestled inside of your glove….and the drama builds…along w/ my anxiety. Thank goodness for good endings.

  2. I pretty much just held my breath from about the second paragraph on, knowing something scary was ahead, and knowing that the outcome had to be OK, or it probably wouldn’t be on the blog so fast! 🙂

  3. Oh no! I was panicking a little bit for you as I read along. I’m very glad you found your card and everything worked out ok. It’s nice to know there are honest people out there that will turn in your card, safe and sound. Maybe next week we will hear a tale of how you paid this forward!

  4. Worst…feeling…ever. Such a helpless moment when you just can’t find something that is so very important. I am so glad you found it and that the crisis was averted!

  5. Oh yikes!!!!! So glad it worked out the way we all hope in those moments of panic! (I left my card at a restaurant once and had to go back for it — luckily, they had it too!)

  6. Judy C. says:

    My stomach was doing flip flops as I was reading your post. So glad to know that there are honest people in this world.

  7. Tam says:

    A bad scare and so glad there are still people who are honest and good. You made my morning after the news yesterday.

  8. We’ve all been there. Isn’t it great when someone does the right thing? You captured your feeling of panic so well that I found myself holding my breath as I retraced your steps with you.

  9. Lynn says:

    Oh Elsie thanks for sharing something so positive today! It should reaffirm that there are so so many good and kind people in the world!

  10. I totally felt your panic in this piece, yours and mine ! I am so glad for honesty when we see it in this world. Our hectic pace, doesn’t help with the loss of credit cards. I’m glad you could retrace your steps and that you discovered it right away. xo

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