Colorful Ride

Finally, spring seems to have blown into town so I was able to take my bike out on the road. As I pedaled along, the colors of spring waved to me from the side lines. I had to hop off the bike and snap a few quick pictures to remember the vibrant colors of spring. (Just in case there are days ahead that aren’t quite so bright.)

Spears of grape hyacinth put the grass to shame.

Spears of grape hyacinth put the grass to shame.

Who wins the competition in the category of yellow?



These poor blossoms looked like they were in jail, looking for a way to escape.

These poor blossoms looked like they were in jail, looking for a way to escape.

The trees didn’t want to be left out. They waved their branches as I pedaled by. They reminded me of those students who wave their arms wildly saying, “Ooo, ooo!”


Did it snow?

Did it snow?

I savor the evidence of spring’s arrival, finally!


21 thoughts on “Colorful Ride

  1. Terje says:

    You are showing full spring. I saw first a snow drop head peeking out yesterday, and today was the first morning when I didn’t have to scrape my car windows from ice. I am afraid that when the warmth arrives, spring will be over in a week, and I might miss it. I have to keep my eyes open.

  2. Just beautiful. We know that Spring has arrived here by the daffodils, tulips, and cherry blossom trees. It is a beautiful sight to see the colors replace the white and gloom of winter. Enjoy those bike rides and hopefully you won’t need to reflect on the pictures too soon.

  3. Don’t you wonder what you choose to live in a place where there is so much snow and cold when we are in the thick of winter? Then, spring comes along and the colors, flowers, and forgotten warm sun remind us of why we stay and tolerate the winters. Thanks for sharing some spring!

  4. Kristen says:

    Thank you or sharing your beautiful pictures and proof that spring really is here or sure to come soon. Your pictures make me hopeful that it is approaching my area.

  5. You make me want to get my bike out of the garage and ride the roads. I love the way the bike ride invigorates the senses in a way a car ride never can. You take me back to a field of sunflowers from a ride long ago, and I want to go back.

  6. Beautiful, Elsie. I especially love the photo comments. We still don’t have the trees blooming, & of course now I’m glad because of this late snow. I just love the fruity blooming trees. You must have loved being out on the bike at last!

  7. Tam says:

    Ah, back to nature. You’re ahead of us in the blooming process. I do see the grape hyacinth. Daffodils are still shy, so are the tulips. Thanks for taking us along on your ride today.

  8. You are a few weeks ahead of us, but your pictures promise me that soon we will be in full bloom too! (Except someone just mentioned the possibility of that s-word! No more snow!) Thanks for sharing your glimpses of spring!

  9. Judy C. says:

    Thanks for talking me along on your ride. We too are enjoying those spring blossoms. I feel sorry for those poor daffodils in jail, although from the other side, they are free and happy!

  10. So glad spring has finally arrived for you. The pictures and your comments made me feel as though I was along for the ride. My favorite line – “As I pedaled along, the colors of spring waved to me from the side lines.” Thanks for savoring and sharing!

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