Is It the End or Just a New Beginning? #31

Can you believe this month is over? I can’t.

I love the challenge of finding something hidden in every day I want to reveal to the person who happens to click on my link. Here are some things that I have noticed in my writing:

  • This year I see that I have written more poems as a post or within a post.
  • I had several cooking with recipes included. (If you ever try the crock pot one I’d love to know what you think. It’s okay if you don’t like it, but I think you will.)
  •  I have taken you into schools and shown work by special education students that inspired me. Then that post inspired Bonnie to write. Plus I happen to know that post was passed on to another special education teacher and a kindergarten teacher and they are planning their own writing. I am anxious to see the results. 
  • The weather played a big part in many posts. Mostly whining about winter hanging around too long.
  • I was a copycat. I read other posts and they became my mentor.
  • Emails were sources of posts.
  • Life gives me something to write about.
  • I like to include pictures, but I’ve always done that once I figured out how. 🙂

 Comments make me smile. So I smiled a lot this month. Thank you to all who left me something to go back and read. I hope I gave you something to smile about as you read my comments. If you left me a comment, I tried really hard to find you and return the favor. Sometimes it would have to be in the morning because my eyes couldn’t focus on the print as the evening progressed. (Plus I was just plain tired and had to go to bed. I am not a night owl.)

The sheer volume of posts available was overwhelming. I’m sorry I could not read every one. This challenge brings out the most interesting people who tell the most interesting stories of their lives.

  • My heart breaks for the sadness and troubles you have written about.
  • My heart fills with joy for the birth of new babies to the slicers.
  • I have laughed over the funny stories written.
  • I have lingered over stories that touched me.
  • I have made connections to stories you tell and related them to my life.
  • You have made me a better person by the examples you have shared.
  • You have pushed me to be a better writer.

So another challenge has been met. I have loved every day of it. This day will not be the end of my writing. Tuesday will be here and another slice will be linked. So this is the beginning of a new year of sharing a slice of my life, Elsie Tries Writing, and she likes it!

Thank you Stacey and Ruth, you are the rock stars of my writing world!

32 thoughts on “Is It the End or Just a New Beginning? #31

  1. b says:

    Elsie — your kind comments always made me smile and were inspirational as I sat down to write each day. People like you are why this community is positively a fabulous place to grow as a writer!!! Thank you :).

  2. Joyce says:

    I have been carried along the current of of your interesting life. Thank you for the fun ride. Looking forward to your future adventures.

  3. Tam says:

    Thank you, Elsie, for being my mentor all along. I love all your “somethings hidden.” I’ve learned finally the importance of the small stuff and I think that’s why I have enjoyed this year’s challenge more than ever. Life is full if you just take the time to enjoy it. I am going to try to post more than I have on Tuesdays. It’s spring–should be delightful. Thanks again.

  4. Elsie, Thank you for all your posts and your amazing comments on my blog. I, too, have tried writing and am in love with the whole darn thing. I hope you continue writing…I am going to keep checking on you! I have entered the A to Z Challenge so I will be blogging along! Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesdays!

  5. Bev says:

    I think we could all share in what you learned. It has been a challenging, enjoyable month that’s for sure. See you Tuesday!

  6. Elsie, First I want to thank you for such a nice thing you did. You posted Dreamin’ with Dar’s slice today because she couldn’t do it from her phone. What a kind and generous thing to do! Next, thanks for all your slicing! It’s been a joy!

  7. Elsie, it’s such a pleasure hearing what you write. And every day I know that you will give me a few words, a little response, a bit of a nudge that is helpful and sweet and kind. I also like that you’re in my old stomping grounds, Missouri, so I think of that when I read your posts. This final one is lovely; like others, I am glad you tried, and now like, writing! FYI-I just read your comment on Bonnie’s post. I am really thinking of going to All Write too-wouldn’t it be terrific if so many of us went? See you Tuesday!

  8. Julie says:

    Thank YOU Elsie. There’s a shout out to YOU on my post today!!! I appreciate YOU so much. I am grateful for YOUR comments. YOU have been an inspiration. I’ll see YOU on Tuesday!

  9. I want to thank you for your comments. Last year as a new slicer and a new writer you encouraged me to keep going. To honor how you made me feel last year I joined the Welcome Wagon and it was a wonderful experience.
    Thanks! Lori

  10. nanc says:

    I am a copy cat too….and I always want to copy cat you! You are a phenomenal mentor. I will be trying the crock pot. I am trying to figure out the pictures and I will be trying to embed them more often. I got a blurry one in today. You are a wonderful friend….now get on your bike and ride up here to Chi town. 🙂 See you on Tues….I’m trying a cooking post. xo

  11. It’s definitely a new beginning!

    LOVE this reflection!

    Thank you, Elsie, for being such a dedicated member of our writing community. I’m so glad you tried slicing and have continued for awhile now! We’re so blessed to have you as a Slicer!

  12. Thank you Elsie for all of the wonderful comments you left on my blog and others. Your words are always kind and from the heart. You are a writing rock star too!

  13. I’ve learned so much from you and will never be able to thank you enough! It started as a challenge…but now I am a “Lifer” Thank you for your support, encouragement, and your friendship…..thanks again!

  14. I have enjoyed reading and learning from your posts this month. Thank you for making this such a welcoming community with your comments on my blog and many others. I knew I was in for a treat when I saw your name and picture pop up!

  15. I love the bullet points you listed — such amazing moments that have been shared this month! I struggled with commenting too, but I think I did better than last year. (Well, I definitely did way better when you count the student slices I also commented on!) I look for your comments every time I post because you always leave something sweet, or funny, or encouraging… or, well, always wonderful! Thank you! 🙂

  16. Elsie, this has been a great experience for me…and your comments were much apprectiated. I would often see your comments on other’s posts…and you left such witty or insightful ones that I knew you were helping all of us. I am amazed at the range of the posts…you mentioned that in your bullet points….so many touching stories expressed in so many genres…It has been magnificent and I hope to continue on Tuesdays. Jackie

  17. mrssurridge says:

    Thank you, Elsie, for taking the time to find me and my students and to leave behind your encouraging comments. It has been a pleasure to share your poems, recipes, weather and reflections with you. I’ve enjoyed every one of them.

  18. Judy C. says:

    Elsie, what a wonderful reflection of this month’s slices. I am in total agreement with them all and I do appreciate all of your comments on my slices. Hopefully this summer we can set up a date in Springfield to meet (with Michelle too – if/when she gets down). Happy Easter and continued slicing!

  19. Stacey and Ruth, our rock stars–I love it! I noticed all the ice and snow and winter lingering in slices, too. Sometimes the metaphors were hard for me to get because y’all see what we don’t see in Georgia. I was jealous of your snow–nothing but flurries and dusting for me. Your comments always seem to convey your empathy and/or your joy. You are so connected, and you, Elsie, are one of my slicing rock stars!

  20. Thank you for being such an amazing mentor for me this month! I appreciated all of your comments and loved all of your posts. I will be there to read your post on Tuesday and hopefully I will be able to meet you one day non-virtually.

  21. Elsie, thank you so much for your comments. I have enjoyed reading your writing and embarking on this journey along with you this month. This is my first year, and my plan is to slice on Tuedays as well. I will miss hearing from you!! It’s been a pleasure 🙂

  22. Lynn says:

    Elsie I too have reflected today and I too was touched by slices that were written both happy and sad…it is a wonderful thing this writing thing 😉

  23. Terje says:

    This month was filled with smiles from reading slices and comments. The slices are like the treats from the Amy Cake bakery. Thank you for writing and commenting.

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